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I know that this is old news; however, Carlton Pearson has decided to bend the true Gospel of Jesus Christ because one of his close friends is gay and his grandparents backslide and died adulterers and drunkards. He is even quoted as saying the “Bible is paper and ink and shouldn't be an idol.” Then why is he still preaching from the Bible? The devil will always be a liar. (Sidebar: I do not care if your Moma starts preaching another gospel. If it is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ as written in the New Testament, then please do not follow it. Don’t get it twisted. You are to conform into the image of Christ. Christ or his Gospel does not conform to your sinful lifestyle)

Faith is not rational. Faith is a matter of acceptance and receiving. Jesus never reasoned with the devil. When approached by the devil, he simply responded, “It is written” and then quoted the Word of God or Holy Scripture. If Holy Scripture says it, that settles it for me.

I want to make sure you ALL understand that God is a God of love as equally he is a God of judgment. There is Good (holiness) and Evil. There is Right and Wrong. There is a HEAVEN and HELL.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 10:28, “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to DESTROY BOTH SOUL AND BODY IN HELL.” Is Jesus a liar?

The real problem is that people have taken the doctrine of God’s unconditional love and turned it in a license to sin. They RATIONALIZED that God loves them no matter what. Yes, God will love you all the way to hell.

The question is not does God love you. That issue is moot. That has already been established. In John 3: 16, Jesus said,
“For God so LOVED the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever BELIEVETH in him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that BELIEVETH on him is not condemned: but he that BELIEVETH NOT is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men LOVED DARKNESS rather than LIGHT, because their deeds were evil. For every one that DOETH EVIL HATETH THE LIGHT, neither cometh to the light, LEST HIS DEEDS SHOULD BE REPROVED. BUT he that DOETH TRUTH COMETH TO THE LIGHT that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.” Selah.

The real question is do you love God; and if you do, you would then keep his commandments (John 14:15). Once you have a true encounter with the Holy Spirit and the true living Jesus Christ, your life will never be the same unless you choose to backslide – then your life will end up in a worst state (Matthew 12: 43 -45 and Luke 11:24-26)..

There is a two-part process: Salvation and Sanctification. Salvation is a gift. Before you can receive salvation, you must repent (have change of mind, heart and action) from sin and realize that you need Jesus (a Savior) to do so. You cannot reform or redeem yourself from evil. In essence, you must recognize the evil in your life and then stop practicing it (including political correctness) by the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in you. Sanctification requires the renewing of the mind daily with and submitting to the Word of God. That is, you begin to think and act like Jesus by submitting to the Holy Spirit.

If you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then he must be Lord over your entire life. This includes your appetite, sexuality, money, conduct, motives, personal pursuits etc. In a nutshell, if Holy Scripture says it is wrong, then it is wrong. If the Holy Scripture says it is right, then it is right. Period. We do not need man’s opinion.

The problem is that many people (including so-called Christian) that are like the Rich Young Ruler in Matthew 19: 16-26 and Luke 18: 18-24. They do not want to give up gluttony, adultery, homosexuality, fornication, adultery, money, drugs, alcoholism, wild partying, riches, excessive lifestyle, friends, position, witchcraft, vain ambition, pride, and any other sin or idol to serve Christ with their entire heart.

Choose this day who you will serve. Choose this day who will be lord of your life. Selah.

For a good commentary on the error of Carlton Pearce please go to Let’s Reason.


I was trying to figure out why Bishop TD Jakes was in Jena on last Thursday. Bishop Jakes was there to tape a show for Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil was in his LA studio with Justin Baker (the victim in the alleged attack) and his family and Bishop Jakes was in Jena with several of the families of the Jena 6 and members of the local clergy.

In his new blog entry entitled “Opposite Ends of the Solar System…,” Bishop TD Jakes discusses his Jena 6 experience. In reading his blog, one thing is for sure. America has a long way to go in terms of its race relationship.

Racism is a matter of the heart. It is a profound and irrational hatred of a group of people because of their ethnic classification.

Until we all (especially the racist) learn that there is only one race, which is the human race, we can never truly win the war on racism.

Saturday, September 29, 2007



Chris Crocker's Father - "Where Did I Go Wrong?"


It seems that the top Republican presidential candidates – Rudy Giuliani, Senator John McCain, Mitt Romney and former Senator Fred Thompson – were no shows at presidential debate hosted by Tavis Smiley on the campuses of Morgan State University on this past Thursday.

Even former Oklahoma Republican Congressman J.C. Watts condemned their “stupid” decision not to participate in the debate. “You kind of scratch your head thinking why are they making decisions like that?

As an American Black Republican, this is the reason why I am supporting Senator Barack Obama’s bid for the presidency.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

Finally, [blog family], whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. (Philippians 4:8)


The Associated Press is reporting that authorities have confirmed that the badly decomposed body found behind several vacant businesses in Calumet City this week is that of Nailah Franklin, 28, who went missing nine days ago. Dental records were used to identify the body. Nailah’s unclothed body was discovered Thursday not far from where her car was found in Hammond, Ind., last week.

The cause of death has not been determined and forensic evidence is still being processed at this time.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of this beautiful woman.


God has done it again. The Safety Angels have been doing their job these past few weeks. First, there was Julian McCormick, a Black college student that was trapped for a week in his car at the bottom of a ravine in Beltsville, Maryland. (Please refer to my post entitled “A Miracle on Powder Mill Road”).

And now, Tanya Rider, 33, who had been missing for eight days, was found alive on yesterday in her SUV at the bottom of a ravine located in Maple Valley, Washington after searchers traced a signal from her cell phone. Her car had tumbled about 20 feet down the ravine and lay buried under heavy brush.

Local law enforcement authorities were ready to swoop down on her husband, Tom Rider, as a suspect in her disappearance. In fact, Mr. Rider was in the process of taking a lie-detector test at the sheriff's office when officers told him the car had been found.

I just love happy endings. God is great. And let the church say, "All the time."


Blog family, if you want to have a good laugh today, please go to Sill_pocahontaz's blog and read her "Have You Ever Been On A Hell Date" post. I cannot stop laughing.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


What About Our Daughters is reporting that despite earlier reports from mainstream media news organizations, the body found today HAS NOT been identified and MAY NOT be Nailah Franklin. While the site was down earlier today, Bring Nialah Franklin Home is back up.


Associated Press © 2007


Prophetess Juanita Bynum appeared on AMC. This interview was a waste of time. It was pointless. Why don't she just fall back until the divorce has been finalized? Who is her Attorney?


According to, bail was being posted Thursday for Mychal Bell, one of the Jena 6 teenaged defendants. Bell's bail was set at $45,000. According to the Rev. Al Sharpton, the paperwork was being worked out and the bail bondsman was at the courthouse.

This comes after District Attorney Reed Walters announced that he would not appeal a higher court's decision moving Bell's case to juvenile court. The LaSalle Parish District Attorney said his decision not to appeal was based on what he believed is best for the victim in the case.

"While I believe that a review would have merit ... I believe it is in the best interest of the victim and his family not to delay this matter any further and move it to its conclusion," Walters told reporters.







During a press conference held today, Attorney Reed Walters states that the Lord Jesus Christ kept the thousands of American Blacks, who participated in the protest in Jena, Louisiana on last Thursday, from whipping his azz. Well, he did not use those exact words, but you get my point.

Attorney Reed also said that Jesus helped him and the people of Jena to withstand the trauma that has been inflicted upon them.


ABC News website is reporting that the body of Nailah Franklin, 28, was found near her car in Calumet City, Ill. Friends and relatives became concerned last week when she sent an uncharacteristically vague text message to friends and family saying that she was having dinner and that she'd call later. Franklin's car had been found Friday night near an abandoned building in nearby Hammond, Ind.

She recently had filed a police report about threatening phone calls she received from a man she dated briefly. Chicago police on Monday said they had interviewed someone Franklin dated, but have not named a suspect in her disappearance.

Lets's keep her family, friends and co-workers in our prayers. This is so sad.

Thanks to What About Our Daughters for posting this information.

**AP Photo courtesy of Brenna Hernandez


Okay, I am about to start some more s*&$.

I can appreciate what James Brown is talking about. We need more uplifting music.

My problem has been the reports that during his life time, Mr. Brown abused women. What is the use of singing people up; if you beat women down once you come off of the stage or out of the pulpit.

I was devastated when I heard that Attorney Willy Gary had an affair and fathered girl and boy twins by former Olympic hopeful Diana Gowinswo. This is the same man that has appeared on TBN several times talking about his relationship with God and his sons.

I was also disappointed at famed Civil Rights Leader Rev. Jesse Jackson when he had an extra marital affair that produced a daughter with Dr. Karin Standford, a former aid of Jackson. (Sidebar: You see baby momas and concubines can have advanced degrees)

I love the Rev. Al Sharpton. I was; however, shocked to learn that he and his wife are divorced. I guess once the daughters were grown, his wife told him, “TO THE LEFT. TO THE LEFT.” (Sidebar: I think she was just tired of him not being home. Unlike most, I think Rev. Sharpton is the real deal)

Do I need to mention Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and the Anita Hill situation?

The list goes on and on. So many of our Leaders (both today and yesterday) failed the character test when it came to their sexuality.

I am not trying to open old wounds. However, we need for our leaders’ character to match up with their public success or image.

What is the use of demanding that Rappers clean up their act when you are practicing the very same behaviors or lifestyles that they are promoting in their music?

Why be a public success, but a private failure?? Shouldn't you be a superstar first in your own home?

Siderbar: Senator Obama, please do no let us down in the character department. I know Michelle Obama is not having it.


Rev. Al Sharpton

michael Jackson

From Imus to Industry: The Business of Stereotypes and Degrading Images

Levell Crump aka David Banner

Percy Miller aka Master P

For complete coverage of the Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection Subcommittee Hearing, please go to What About Our Daughters.

I have one question. Can you blame a slave for slavery? The Rappers are only trying to eat, bling and get out of the “hood.” The Record Labels and its A&R Department determine what music is produced. To them, it is all about the Almighty Dollar. If this type of music sales, then they will advance money to produce that type of music. Changing the market will only change the type of music available to consumers.

Remember, God placed two trees in the Garden of Eden - the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. He believes in choice. It is up to you to choose this day who you will serve. Selah

Attorney Gerald Poindexter wants his 15 minutes of fame at Mike Vick's expense

News outlets are reporting that Mike Vick tested positive for marijuana on September 13, according court records.

The negative test result has lead to further restrictions on Vick’s ability to travel as he awaits sentencing on federal charges on December 10. Vick is also confined to his Virginia residence each day from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. The home confinement will include electronic monitoring and Vick must pay for the service. The judge also ordered Vick to continue in a substance therapy program and to participate in mental health counseling.

All this comes after a Surry County grand jury indicted Mr. Vick on two state felony charges related to dogfighting.

As many you know, I have a list called “SIT YOUR AZZ DOWN” list. Each week at least 2 to 3 people are added to this list. Well, it is official. Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Gerald Poindexter, who presented a host of bills of indictment of Vick to a Surry County grand jury, and the Surry County grand juror, who returned the indictment, have made my ‘SIT YOUR AZZ DOWN” list.

Blog family, I ask, was this State indictment necessary?? Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame at Mike Vick’s expense.

Since he wants his 15 minutes of fame, I am posting a picture of Attorney Gerald Poindexter as oppose to Mike Vick.


Prophetess Juanita Bynum appeared on Star Jones on Court TV. There are other Part 1 and Part 2 videos on youtube. (Sidebar: Star Jones is a friend in my head) As soon as I get some better footage, I will post it on my blog.

Star Jones asked some really good questions. Perhaps the most intriguing part of the interview was when Prophetess Bynum said that Bishop Weeks is still a Bishop and that she will not slander him. (Sidebar: slander is a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report. Therefore, saying something that is true is not slander) She also said, "It takes two to fight. What happened in the parking lot was an assault." Her attorneys prepped her well.

I have one question for my blog family. If a woman assaults or hits a man, does he have the right to defend himself??

On another note, I see that Prophetess has removed the Emergency Seed Campaign from her website. I wonder if she was able to raise the full $200,000 for her new threshing floor.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007



According to, it seems that some people are upset with Bill O’Reilly’s comment about his recent visit to a famed Harlem restaurant. He basically stated that he “couldn’t get over the fact” that there was no difference between the black-run Sylvia’s and other restaurants.

"It was like going into an Italian restaurant in an all-white suburb in the sense of people were sitting there, and they were ordering and having fun," he said. "And there wasn't any kind of craziness at all."

The statement resulted from Bill O’Reilly’s dining experience with the Rev. Al Sharpton at Sylvia’s. Now, I think that was a miracle in and of itself.

I happen to like Bill O’Reilly. I know, call me crazy. But I do.

Okay, are we overdosing on sensitivity??? I mean really. Do we need to get upset about every little thing a American White says??? Let’s stay focus, people.


I received an email from Sandra Rose expressing her hurt by my post. Now, I feel bad that she is hurt by my public boycott of her blog. If you knew me personally, I do not like hurting anyone’s feelings. My decision to boycott Sandra Rose website was very difficult for me.

When I moved to Georgia in 2004, I stumbled onto her website. It was encouraging to see the beautiful photos taken by her of different events around Atlanta. I love seeing American Blacks doing the darn thing. (Siderbar: The woman is a great photographer) Through her website, I was able to see members of my favorite R&B Group, New Edition, with their wives.

Then she created a new blog site. I was hooked from the first day. When I say addicted, I mean addicted. I posted every day. I like the fact that she joined in the dialogue.

Sandra allowed me to start my “SIT YOUR AZZ DOWN” list on her blog. She allowed me to have a bible study on her blog. She allowed me to post a scripture prohibiting homosexuality. (Sidebar: Now what lesbian will allow you to do that without cutting you down). However, she told me not to post anymore “ZZZZZZZZZZ” comments on her blog. She let me get one “Z” in from time to time. LOL

We would periodically email each other. She even posted a picture of my husband and me on her blog for our 10th wedding anniversary in July. I really considered her a blog friend.

Since I am a baby blogger and have a lot to learn, I am apologizing to Sandra Rose for hurting her feelings. I did not mean to create a HOT BLOG MESS. I even got Gina of What About Our Daughters telling me off in one of her blog post.

My main reason for going public with my boycott was to let Sandra know how her comments especially about the VA torture victim were hurtful. I can understand the mainstream media not showing any love to American Blacks. I could not understand Sandra not showing any love to us.

I strongly feel that we of the darker hue are at a pivotal point in our human experience. We have been forced (thanks to Imus) to take a hard look in the mirror. And for many of us, we do not like what we have collectively become as a people. We have allowed lust, materialism, sexual perversion and greed take the place of love for God and good common sense. As a result, we are killing the rich heritage and legacy that was forged by the blood of our Ancestors. In essence, we forgot that we are our brothers and sisters’ keepers. For me, wearing Black was my way of saying sorry for not holding up the legacy left by our beautiful Ancestors.

We, as American Citizens, have constitutional rights that entitle us to due process and equal protection under the law (14th Amendment) and protection against cruel and unusual punishment (including excessive bails) (8th Amendment). These constitutional rights do not diminish just because you are young and black with pending charges or prior juvenile convictions.

So to Sandra I am sorry for hurting your feelings; however, I stand by my boycott. I am sorry for the Hot Blog Mess I created.

I totally understand that I am not welcome on your blog any longer.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I just learned that Bishop TD Jakes has a blog. The following is a message from his blog in which he clarifies that his donation to the Jena 6 defense fund was not church money.

Fair and Equal Representation
September 25th, 2007

Most of you know that I have other business interest outside of the church and so I felt that it was important to clarify that the funds used to support the defense of the Jena 6 was NOT church money.

Now to the heart of the matter, giving to a defense fund is not an absolution from guilt nor does it insure innocence. Defense funds just make it possible that true justice is attainable and all the facts and investigations are not hindered by a lack of resources.

No real justice can be attained without fair and equal representation. In this country people are still innocent until proven guilty and the way we prove that innocence or guilt is through “due process” of the law… so let’s allow the legal system to do what it is designed to do and save the judgment for trial.

It is impossible to attain justice based on news clippings and sound clips from demonstrators. That is why your opinion and mine must give way to thorough and fair investigation and that takes money!

For those of you who have requested directions as to where you can send your own donations, below is the contact information that we have:

Louis G. Scott’s
510 Pine Street
Monroe, LA 71202
(318) 323-6107

~Bishop Jakes

From Imus to Industry: The Business of Stereotypes and Degrading Images

From Imus to Industry: The Business of Stereotypes and Degrading Images
Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection Hearing
10:00 a.m. in room 2123 Rayburn House Office Building
Witness List
Connect to the Video Webcast (100 kbps)

For updates from the Subcommittee Hearing go to What About Our Daughters.

DSU SHOOTING UPDATE: N.J. Teen Arrested In Delaware State Shooting

Loyer D. Braden, 18-year-old from East Orange, NJ, was been arrested about 3:30 a.m. in his dorm room, and charged with attempted murder, assault and reckless endangerment, as well as a gun charge. Here is the video of the Teen’s arrest. A justice of the peace set bail for the East Orange, N.J., teenager at $75,000 and ordered him to stay away from the victims and Delaware State. Braden is a freshman at Delaware State.


Well, my little friend Kelli from Georgia Tech sent me an Article from The Wall Street Journal Online discussing how the US job market is waning for Attorneys. Please read this article and let me know what you think.

My mother always says that I talk too much and tell too much of my business. Notwithstanding her opinion, I must speak out and shame the devil. We attorneys have been silent for far too long. Perhaps I can save some young person from mortgaging their future away or at least, let them know what they are getting into when they use student loans to fund their college (or graduate school) education.

It took me 10 years to find a decent paying legal job as Corporate Attorney; but I had to move to from New Jersey to Georgia to do that. YES, 10 YEARS!!!! YES, I HAD TO RELOCATE!!! Although I am still not making the salary that I should, I am grateful that I have enough to pay the mortgage and my student loans. As you can see from the The Wall Street Journal Article, some attorney are not faring as well. It is only by the God’s grace that I am doing as well as I am.

(Sidebar Confession: Yes, I am angry that I borrowed $65,000.00 for my law degree from Seton Hall University School of Law and now owe $125,000.00 – thanks to compound interest and a TERI judgment. (Sidebar: I am getting ready to put TERI on full blast. I am going to Congress on their azzes). I am angry that NJ Republican legislators passed a law that if you are in default of any government backed student loan, you can be suspended from the practice of law. (Sidebar: I am glad that I was able to get my government guaranteed student loans out of default before they took my law license). I am angry that the US Government takes approximately $2,000.00 out of my paycheck per month for FICA, Social Security, and whatever else they feel like taking out of my check. I am mad as hell that I have to pay a $1,000.00 per month in student loan payments. I am mad that I cannot write off the student loan interest on my taxes because I make too much. Darn, I finally made it to the middle class and I am still broke. WT___???)

I need an Oprah intervention. LOL. Oprah, can you please payoff my student loans so I can live? Can someone write Oprah, Gail, Steadman or someone and tell them to pay Attorneymom’s student loans ASAP??? LOL


My loyal reader and blog sister, Pamela, has forwarded me an article from It seems that a one-page document marked “Special Appearance” mysteriously appeared at the Douglas County Courthouse located in Nebraska. It appears that this mysterious document is "God's Answer" to a lawsuit filed by Senator Ernie Chambers (D-Omaha).

In the paper, “God” argues that the suit by Sen. Chambers should be dismissed on the grounds of ineffective or improper service. That is, “[n]o proper and sufficient service of summons” by a deputy.

In response to Sen. Grady's (I mean Chamber's) claim of “terroristic threats,” “God” wrote that the senator would receive an “appropriate punishment.”

(Sidebar: Great news. It is being reported that Senator Chambers will be unable to serve another term due to term limits. Now, I know there is a God somewhere)



As I approach 40, I am taking inventory of my life. I am asking myself some hard questions. Like, where am I? More importantly, where am I going? Does my life exemplify Christ? Am I really the person that I think I am? Am I authentic?

For me, 1997 was a turning point. I got married and had my first child all while trying to build a legal career. 18 months later another baby came. Then 2 years later another baby came. Let’s just say I had a lot going on all at once.

While I was pregnant with my third child, 9/11 happened. Although I did not loose a loved one in that tragedy, that event changed the course of my life. I said to myself what kind of world am I bringing my children into. I became even more depressed.

I looked at my career and did not like the money I was making. (Sidebar: That was my fault not making my clients pay me) At that point, I thought I would have been wealthy. (Sidebar: You cannot become wealthy giving away free legal advice and services. Wake up, Attorneymom).

I soon found out that racism and sexism were still alive and kicking in the legal profession. I felt like the world was no longer my oyster. I felt like a failure. So, I found a legal addiction called food addiction.

Food became my drug of choice. It became my friend. Whenever I was upset (which was most of the time), I ate. If I was happy, I ate. If I was tired, I ate. If I felt stressed, I ate.

Fast forward to 2007, I am looking in the mirror and can no longer deny that I have a problem - a very serious problem. I need help.

Proverbs 16:32 states in part, “He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.” In fact Proverbs 23:2 tells us, “And put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to appetite.”

Wow, that is serious. That is on the line of “if your eye offend you, pluck it out” message that Jesus gave in Matthew 5:29.

According to Galatians 5: 23, 24, one of the fruit (evidence) of the Holy Spirit is temperance or self-control.

We do not hear very many sermons on gluttony these days. These types of messages will not fill the offering plates. But gluttony is a sin; and the excess fat around our waist, arms, legs, neck etc proves that we do not have self-control.

I have come across a book written by C.S. Lovett entitled “HELP LORD… THE DEVIL WANTS ME FAT!” I just started reading the book. I will keep you posted on my deliverance from gluttony.

Monday, September 24, 2007


The other day, a friend of mine visited me in the lobby of my dorm just to chat while her laundry was drying. As we were chatting, two young freshmen came by. One of the boys wanted to "talk" to my friend (as in date). She asked him how old they were, and both of the boys replied 18. My friend and I both laughed hysterically because we are both 22 years old. After my friend left, the young men were still hanging around and one wanted to know how he could gain her interest. The first thing I told him to do was to pull up his pants! He asked why, then said he like saggin' his pants. I told him to come over to my computer and spell the word saggin'. Then I told him to write the word saggin' backwards.

N-I-G- G-A-S

I told him the origin of that look was from prison. Men in prison wore their pants low when they were spoken for. The other reason their pants looked like that was they were not allowed to have belts because prisoners were likely to try to commit suicide. And, saggin' pants prevents you from running.

We as young Black people have to be the ones to effect change. We are dying. The media has made a mockery of the Black American. Even our brothers and sisters from Africa don't take us seriously. Something as simple as pulling up your pants and standing with your head high could make the biggest difference in the world's perception of us. It is time to do right by ourselves. We need to love and embrace each other. No one is going to do that for us.

It all comes down to perception. What people perceive is what is reality to them. We have to change not only the media's perception of us, but we need to change our perception of ourselves. Remember all eyes are on you Black Man. All eyes are on you Black Woman. All eyes are on you Black Child. People point the finger at us and expect us to engage in negative and illegal activities, to manifest loud, boisterous behavior, to spend our hard earned money in their stores, buying goods we don't need, or really want. We have allowed not only the media, but the government and the world to portray us as a "sub-culture." They have stripped our culture down to the point where the image of Black people is perpetuated as rappers, athletes, drug users, consumers of junk food, expensive tennis shoes, expensive cars, expensive TVs, cell phones and not investing in homes for our families.

We are so much more!!!!!!!

To all our Black Men:
Its time to stand up. There are billions of Black Women who want to do nothing more than worship the ground that you walk on. We are so in love with your potential. We want to have your back, we want to love, support and cherish every ounce of your being. But with that you have to show that you are willing to be the head of our households. You have to prove yourselves worthy of our submission.

We need you to be hard working...Not a hustler. We need you to seek higher education, to seek spirituality. We need you to stand! And trust us, we will have your back. We know that it gets hard. We know you get weary. Trust and believe that there is nothing that a Black Man and a Black Woman can't handle with GOD on their side.

To all our Black Women:
It is also time for you to stand up. It is time for you to stop using our body as our primary form of communication. It is time to be that virtuous woman that Proverbs spoke of. You cannot sit by the wayside while our men are dying by the masses. You are the epitome of Black Love. It starts within you. You need to speak with conviction to let not only our Black Men know, but the world, that you are the Mothers of this world. You are so powerful. You are so beautiful. You need to love and embrace every blessing God has given us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

For all our Black Children:
We need to love them. We need to teach them. We need to stand up for them. We need to protect them. We need to show them that there are no "get rich quick" schemes. We need to tell them that they WILL die trying if they submit to a life of crime and deceit. We need to teach our children that no one will love them the way we can. And being a basketball player, a rapper, or a drug dealer is not reality. It's not realistic and only a small percentage of people ever make it as a rapper or professional athlete. We need to teach our children that we can be more than rappers and athletes. We can be the owners of these sports teams. We can be the CEO's of OUR fortune 500 companies. We need to believe in literacy. I am almost certain if we were to look back to the 1930's and 40's, the literacy rates for Black American Children are probably still the same.

Time for Changes!!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

DSC SHOOTING UPDATE: NJ V. DC RIVALRY MAY HAVE LED TO SHOOTING is reporting that the male victim injured in a late-night shooting at Delaware State University has been identified as Nathaniel Pugh, 17, of Washington, DC. Pugh was shot in the ankle, while Shalita Middleton was shot in the abdomen and remains in serious condition, University Officials said.

Police are reporting that the shooting may have resulted from a rivalry between two groups of friends from New Jersey and Washington, D.C.. "They've been getting into it, New Jersey people and D.C. people," said James Dillion, 23, of Cleveland. "Thursday night, they saw each other again and got into it," he said. "Everybody's still astonished about what happened."

Ali Muhammad, 18, a freshman from Washington, D.C., said that since the school year started he has heard of at least three fights involving cliques from New Jersey and the District of Columbia.

Student Government President, Nikki Chapple, stated that, "There are no gangs here on this campus... There are students coming from different backgrounds. That doesn't make them gang-related."

Police have questioned and released two students described as persons of interest; but, have not labeled either person a suspect, and no arrests have been made. Investigators have not recovered a weapon or any shell casings, suggesting the gunman may have used a revolver. Witnesses reported hearing four to six gunshots.

Police believe the gunman is a male Delaware State student who is no longer on Campus.

(Sidebar: Perhaps if the students involved in the NJ/DC "beef" were more interested in obtaining an education, they would not have time to fight or shoot one another)


I am deeply saddened to announce that I am boycotting the Sandra Rose blogspot. Sandra Rose (and Gina of What About Our Daughters) inspired me to start blogging. In fact, I dubbed my blog a cross between Sandra Rose and WAOD. However, her comments about Jena 6 and VA torture victim were unconscionable.

On her post entitled "W. Va. torture victim facing bad check charges in 3 counties," Sandra Rose opens with the following statement, “The West Virginia torture victim may not be as innocent as we originally thought.” Why did she do that?? In response to this post, our heated exchange went as follows:

Attorneymom said...
I do not care about her "criminal mindedness." She did not deserve to be tortured in the manner that she was tortured. Period.

They tried this same s*$# with Tawana Brawley. WT___?
"The Blog Where Hip Hop Meets Scripture!!"
Sep 20, 2007 11:25:00 AM

Sandra Rose said...
Attorneymom said...
I do not care about her "criminal mindedness." She did not deserve to be tortured in the manner that she was tortured. Period.
Sometimes I can't believe you are an attorney. One does not have anything to do with the other. My point is she is not as innocent as we were originally led to believe. But you appear to condone her bad behavior just as the Jena 6 supporters are condoning theirs. This is the problem with our community: we don't accept responsibilty for our own actions.
Sep 20, 2007 11:32:00 AM

Attorneymom said...
Sandra, flattery will get you no where. Like or not, I am a damn good Attorney. You and the rest of the world will soon find out.

I am not excusing her behavior. I find it suspect that she has been arrested on these charges at this time. WTH?? Did law enforcement have trouble locating her prior to the torture? Hell, the town is only but so big.

Sidebar: We can debate the character of the Jena 6 and the VA torture victim at a later date.
Sep 20, 2007 11:44:00 AM

In a later post entitled “Pics from Jena 6 march in Jena, Louisiana,” she writes:

"Well, the march on Jena, Louisiana is over. What did it accomplish? Black was the color of the day yesterday in many black communities across America. What did wearing black accomplish? I still think the rally in support of the Jena 6 boys was noble, but a little misguided. Only one of the Jena 6 remains in jail and based on his history of violent behavior - he needs to stay right where he is. The reality is if the 6 boys didn't beat one boy unconscious and kick him while he was on the ground, none of this would be happening."

I responded as follows:

Attorneymom said...
Sandra, please hand in your Black Woman's card ASAP.

You are about to be placed on my "SIT YOUR AZZ DOWN" list. I am really trying not to go there with you.

If there weren't a "white" tree on the high school campus, none of this would have happened.

Sidebar: Keep the 2 shooting victims and Delaware State University in your prayers.
"The Blog Where Hip Hop Meets Scripture!!"
Sep 21, 2007 11:32:00 AM

In response to those of us who are boycotting her blog site, Ms. Rose posted the following "TO THE LEFT, TO THE LEFT" message on her website:

"To those of you who are leaving...
I have deleted many of your ignorant and abusive comments in my Jena 6 posts because the bottom line is: I have the right to my opinions. I am not going to waver from my opinion just because some of you don't like it. And I am not going to back down from my position just because some of you refuse to return to my site. That's YOUR personal problem, not mine. If you feel that you can't tolerate coming to this blog anymore, C YA! Seriously, for every one of you that leave, two take your place.

Most of you claim this was a "schoolyard fight". Well, let's see, I remember schoolyard fights when I was in school and it was always one against one or two against two. SIX ON ONE is not a schoolyard fight, people! That's a vicious gang beatdown! Some of you should take a trip to your local juvenile detention centers and look at the boys crammed 5 deep into cells that were built to house 2 kids. The juvenile justice system doesn't have enough beds to hold your kids. Sometimes they have to sleep in the cafeteria because there are not enough cells. Something is wrong with the system and the problem didn't begin in Jena, Louisiana. It began in your homes and in your communities.

The system has always been broken because we as a community refuse to accept responsibility for our children's actions. We're always looking to pass the buck or to blame the man. The man didn't tell 6 boys to punch and stomp one kid. You want to make a difference? Raise your children and teach them right from wrong! Mentor a boy so he doesn't have to sleep 5 deep in a cell. Mentor a boy so he doesn't grow up to be the next Mychal Bell or Genarlow Wilson. Wearing a black t-shirt is simply not enough."


I Won't Complain Testimonial Pt.1(ending)- Rev. Paul Jones

I Won't Complain Testimonial Pt.2(ending)- Rev. Paul Jones


Gerald Campbell-10yrs old -1998 Mt. Carmel Baptist Ch.

To all of us that are called according to the Lord Jesus Christ to be on the front line, please remember that the battle is the Lord.

Therefore, we must fight it according to His will and battle plans. For though we walk in the flesh (our humanity), we do not war after the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal (human only), but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. Therefore, put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood (other human beings), but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of god, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

It is so great to be on a team that wins all the time. Selah.


What About Our Daughters is reporting that the second Enough is Enough Campaign Rally, which took place on Saturday in front of BET’s CEO Debra Lee, was a success with approximately 500 protesters in attendance. Rev. Coates and the protesters were joined by Activist Dick Gregory, who addressed the crowd.

At the rally, Rev. Coats announced that Enough is Enough will hold a demonstration outside of the House Sub-committee hearing on Hip Hop, which is scheduled for Tuesday, September 25th beginning at 9:00 AM outside of the Rayburn building on Capitol Hill.

Rev. Coates also informed the crowd that he had been invited to speak at the FCC hearing on Media Ownership which took place in Chicago, IL on this past Tuesday. At the hearing, he conveyed that many African-Americans are deeply disturbed by the language, lyrics and images of African-Americans that are aired on cable networks and urban hip-hop radio stations. In effort to make broadcasters like BET more accountable to consumers, Rev. Coates urged the FCC Commissioners to give consumer the ability to choose the cable programming they desire.

Rev. Coates also told the protesters that he had a one hour meeting with Ms. Lee and two other BET representatives on Friday, September 21. In a nutshell, Ms. Lee stated that the network’s “new original programming" is a sign of the network's growth and evolution, and her that the network is working with artists, record companies, and its audience to address concerns about the images in some of the videos. In their letter to WAOD, an Enough is Enough Campaign representative wrote the following:

Rev. Coates shared with Ms. Lee that "new programming is not the same as new content," and that the Enough Is Enough Campaign is opposed to content that degrades black women, promotes violence against women, and negatively caricatures black men as gangsters, pimps, and thugs. Despite Rev. Coates' assertion to the contrary, Ms. Lee stood by the statement in her September 12th letter to Rev. Coates that BET "does not air programming that endorses or condones illegal drugs or gratuitous violence,' and that BET does "not air music videos that contain graphic or excessive sexual activity or violence."

Sidebar: WT_____?? I really do not think that Ms. Lee watches her own channel. She must be watching TVOne or something other than BET.

The Enough is Enough Campaign will hold its third rally outside the home of Ms. Debra Lee on Saturday, September 29 at 1PM. Go to their website: for additional information.

see NPR interview of Rev. Coates from Friday, September 21, 2007.

Friday, September 21, 2007


The female Delaware State University shooting victim has been identified as 17 year old Shalita Middleton. She is listed in serious condition. The identity of the male victim, who is in stable condition, is still unknown at this time.

The victims, both cheerleaders and from Washington, DC, were shot shortly after leaving a campus cafeteria early Friday morning. Although the motive for the shooting is unclear, it is believed that the shooting followed some sort of confrontation. The University’s President, Dr. Allen L. Sessoms, said that based on the investigation, it is believed that the suspects are also DSU students.

"This is an internal problem for the university there are no externalities in this one. These are just kids who just did very, very stupid things," Dr. Sessoms said.

Delaware State University recently dealt with tragedy after three students were killed execution-style in Newark, New Jersey on August 4, 2007. A fourth victim, who is also a student, is still recovering.

If you have any information in this shooting, please call (302) 857-6290.


Wait one minute. I just read on AOL Black Voices Blog that Magic Johnson, Bob Johnson and Barry Gordy are supporting Senator Hillary Clinton for President. (With my hands over my heart) “I am coming Elizabeth.” WT_____??
Magic is reported as saying that “[h]e's not ready to be President of the U.S. ... It's not about black or white. I love him, I wrote him a check, I talked to him on the phone. I think he's very articulate and smart but he's in over his head… I picture [him] as a rookie coming into the NBA. He's just not ready. The relationships [Hillary] has already and her experience -- it will take him eight years to gain and by then it will almost be too late."

Magic, Bob and Barry, please tell me one thing that Mrs. Clinton has done in the last eight years that makes her qualified to be President of the United States of America. Name one thing that she has done that has benefited the Black community.

Give me a break!!!!



See what happens when you obey Willie Lynch. The devil is and will always be a liar. Sidebar: "go read this"


Ebony and Ivory - Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder

Michael Jackson - Black or White


Character Corner received some attention from its mother blog What About Our Daughters – the Black Weblog Awards "2007 Blog of the Year" Judges' Choice recipient. Thanks, Gina. As you may already know, Gina encouraged me to start my own blog. She wanted to discuss the Dunbar Village Rape, and I kept posting comments about the Newark Shooting involving 4 Delaware State University Students. She basically told me to get my own blog. LOL. I told her that I was called to comment, not start a blog.

Nevertheless, I decided to follow her direction and create Character Corner. In fact, she helped me set-up the blog. WAOD is a big time blog; therefore, I feel honored whenever Gina takes time to post a comment. (Sidebar: Sandra Rose, who also inspired me to blog, would not take time to comment on my blog). My new Attorney Friend does not like foolishness. So for her to give Character Corner some respect, I am truly honored.

To my entire Blog Family, thank you all for taking the time to post comments on my blog. I look forward to reading and responding to your comments each and every day. Hope your visits to my blog make you feel a little more empowered and encouraged each day to develop strong character. I thank God for each and every one of you.

With warmest regards,



CNN is reporting that Mychal Bell, the only one of the "Jena 6" remaining in jail, will not be released today. This is a hot judicial mess. WT__??

Thursday, September 20, 2007

DSU Shooting Update: Two DSU Students have been identified as "persons of interest"

CNN is reporting that Police have identified two persons of interest –both Delaware State University students – one of whom has been located and is currently being questioned.

DSU Shooting Update

Besides Delaware State University being my Alma Mater, I have a 19 year old cousin attending the University. I called her twice this morning. I was so happy to hear her voice. She said that she is scared and wants to go home. She said that no one is telling them anything. She said that she is getting her information from the news reports.


According to Delaware State University website:

Classes on the Dover campus of Delaware State University have been canceled for Friday, Sept. 21 in the wake of an early morning shooting at the institution that has left two students wounded and a suspect at large. All non-essential personnel are directed not to report to work on this day.
At approximately 12:54 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 21, the Delaware State University Police Department was notified of an incident in which two students were shot on campus near Memorial Hall. A single male suspect is being sought, but has not yet been apprehended. The investigation is continuing with the assistance of other local police.
A male student and a female student were transported to hospitals within the state. The male student is in stable condition, however, the female student’s injuries are considered serious.
University personnel and students can check of updates on this situation through the DSU Website ( and through the DSU Snow Phone # at (302) 857-SNOW (7669).


Like most of you, I was unable to attend the Jena 6 March that took place today in Jena, Louisiana. In between handling legal matters for my current employer and posting updates on my blog, I listened to live feed of the Rally from the websites for 102.5 FM Atlanta and CNN, while wearing my black attire.

For me the best coverage came from Steve Harvey, Attorney Warren Ballentine and The Al Sharpton Show, which are syndicated radio shows on 102.5 FM. I was disappointed with the Michael Baisden coverage. I felt that he could have halted the music for the day to allow more time for us to hear from the Jena 6 families, marchers, politicians and community activists. It seems that he just wanted to party. We, as a people, have done enough singing and shaking our azzes. It is time to get down to business.

I figured that I would catch highlights of today’s March on CNN, MSNBC, Foxnews and the local news channels. Blog family, was I disappointed. Larry King thought it was more important to interview Dan Rathers. Glenn Beck thought covering the NJ school bomb scare was more important.

So, I flipped the satellite to MSNBC. Wait a minute. Live with Dan Abrams has Rev. Jesse Jackson and an African American Federal Prosecutor talking about the Jena case. Great, someone does care about Black Folks. Either Rev. Jackson was tired or having a stroke because I could not understand one word he was saying. Not one. The Federal Prosecutor was much more coherent. Nevertheless, before I could settle down for the discuss, it was over. WT­­­­____? Dan Abrams really had no interest in the March. It seems that he only covered the Jena March out of “political correctness.” Darn, another let down.

I again grabbed the remote and turned the channel to Foxnews’ Hannity & Colmes. Of course, the Historical March was not on the top of their list to discuss. Wait one minute. Oh good, they are going to cover the March after the commercial break. Better late then never.

Breaks over. Oh, hell. Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is on the panel along with Rev. Dr. Franklyn Richardson from the National Action Network. Rev. Peterson looks like a talking corpse. His hatred for both Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton has taken over his life. He just cannot get past his hatred. Of course, Dr. Richardson was more apt to discuss this matter, but Mr. Sean “I am so perfect” Hannity thought is was more important to talk about the racism of Isaiah Thomas, OJ Simpson and Rev. Jackson, then about the significance of the Jena 6 Rally today. It is clear that Hannity is still upset about Don Imus being fired. What does Don Imus have to do with the Jena 6???

I am even more convinced that Muhammad Ali's statement to me in 2001 still holds true today - “STILL A N*%$$a.”

Jena 6 Update: Comedian Kym Whitley Showed UP

I love me some Kym Whitley. Yes, homegirl was in the numbers. Give this woman her own show, please. As Disc Jockey Wendy Williams says, "She is a friend in my head."





I have so much respect for the Rapper/ Actor Ice Cube for attending the Jena 6 Rally in Louisiana on today. He was accompanied by his 16 year old and 20 year old sons. Shout-out to Ice Cube. I love his movies. I thank him so much for not sending the Civil Rights Movement back 1000 years with his movies.

Jena Update: Michael Baisden Broadcast

The following is the link to Michael Baisden Broadcast on 102.5 Atlanta:


“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” "I HAVE A DREAM" - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


I am watching the Jena 6 Protest on I think this is a gathering at our Nation's Capital. I just hope that I do not have to listen to Wana-a-be Rappers and Spoken Word Poets all day. This is not a BET or MTV Rally. WT___?? This is not the time and place for that.

Bishop TD Jakes' Response to Jena 6

Jena, Louisiana. Like most of America, I had never heard of this small town of a little less than 3,000.

A few months ago, had you asked anyone outside of Jena if they ever heard of it, you would have been greeted with blank stares.

Today, the question is not if you have heard of Jena, La, the question is if you haven't.

Jena, La is at the center of a heated controversy fueled by allegations of racism that carry an unpleasant reminder that the events and actions that brought so much shame to the South during the 50's and 60's still exist today.

The Jena 6, as dubbed by the media, has ignited a fierce debate over racism in America and has motivated busloads of Americans, from all across the country to make the journey to Jena, La and to do as our fathers and mothers did during the civil rights movements of the 60's; to march, to protest, and to demand justice.

While I am a firm believer that marching and protesting, raises awareness, our parents and the previous generation took that route because for most, that was their only option, their only way to voice their displeasure, their only way to fight. It is effective at raising awareness and showing support.

Today, many of us have the financial resources to support the fight against injustices by exploring other options. It is equally important that we help the families fight this very expensive battle. Helping can be done many ways... Those who have no resources can give time or volunteer to help. Most of us can do something.

I have decided to make a $6,000 donation to the Jena 6 defense fund. Additionally, I will continue to monitor the case and will make additional financial contributions as I am led to do so.

I reach out and challenge those of us who can, to contribute financially to the defense of these young men. Perhaps you are unable to be there physically. Your schedule like mine may not always allow you to show up on a particular day or time... However, I challenge those of us who can to give financially, not for publicity, not for fame, not for notoriety, but because it is the right thing to do.

There is an old saying, when you are searching for something, "It is better to light a candle and see, than to scream blindly into the darkness." Financial support combined with raising the awareness of an injustice by protest, is a powerful resource that can yield incredible results. I implore you to, after we have so vividly pointed out the injustice's that still haunt our country, to provide the financial backing to allow them to fight the good fight.

It is our responsibility to ensure that justice is served and I challenge each one of you who can, to make a financial contribution so these young men will have the chance to stand up and defend themselves. If all of us do what we can, the job will get done.

Bishop TD Jakes


Photo from

If you want to watch or listen to live feed of the Jena 6 Rally, please go to the following links:

(The Al Sharpton Show)



Well, I hope that my blog family is sporting their black designer’s best today. Emails and blog posts have alerted the African American-Black-Negro-Colored-Mulatto (and any other nationality down with the cause) community to wear the color black in support of the Jena 6 rally today.

I will keep you posted throughout the day with updates from Jena, Louisiana.

Photo from

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The rap music version of Ali-Frazier fight has declared a Winner. Nielsen Soundscan is reporting that Kanye sold 957,000 units to 50’s 691,000, which makes Kanye the clear winner of the battle of the first week record sales.

At GQ’s 50th’s anniversary party, Mr. West stated that “to be a champion, you've got to take out a champion."

Conversely, 50 Cent was extremely disappointed with his current album record sales despite selling almost 700,000 units. His last album “The Massacre” sold almost 1.1 million units in the first week.

Curtis has not yet confirmed whether or not he will retire after this major defeat. However, he did acknowledge that he was “excited to have participated in one of the biggest album release weeks in the last two years. Collectively, we have sold hundreds of thousands of units in our debut week. This marks a great moment for hip-hop music, one that will go down in history."

I must admit. I did have some fun with this battle of record sales. "YES, I DID. SEE THE CD PICTURE AT MY CRIB."


Just when you thought you heard at least most of it, another dumb politician does something that makes you say, “WT___?”

Well, blog family, Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers (District 11, Omaha) has filed a civil lawsuit against God. He is seeking a permanent injunction ordering God to cease certain harmful activities and the making of terroristic threats. The lawsuit also accuses God of causing "fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes, pestilential plagues, ferocious famines, devastating droughts, genocidal wars, birth defects, and the like…fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes, pestilential plagues, ferocious famines, devastating droughts, genocidal wars, birth defects, and the like…[and] has manifested neither compassion nor remorse."

Since the Plaintiff will be unable to effectuate personal service of his summons and complaint upon the Defendant, the lawsuit is asking the court to waive personal service in this matter.

Plaintiff Chambers is also asking the court to grant summary judgment. Otherwise, he wants the judge to set a date for a hearing as "expeditiously" as possible and enter a permanent injunction enjoining God from engaging in the types of harmful acts and the making of terroristic threats described in the lawsuit.

Ernie, Ernie, Ernie. A mind is a terrible thing to waste; and so are our tax dollars. Senator Chambers, please sit your behind down.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I have not been this hyped since the Million Man March back in October 1995. Black Folks are not playing with LaSalle Parish District Attorney Reed Walters. More than 20,000 people are about to converge on the Town of Jena, Louisiana. They are rolling deep to protest the injustice that was done to six black teenagers by this soon-to-be disbarred District Attorney.

For those of you who cannot attend the protest, organizers are asking that you wear all black on Thursday, September 20, 2007, as an act of solidarity.





Thanks to Gina of for posting these videos on her blog.

Sunday, September 16, 2007




I need some inspiration from my homegirl- the Queen of Club, Adeva and the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. Sing it, ladies.

From all accounts, it appears that dogs get more love than Black Women. If one would give any credence to statistics (which I don't), one would tend to believe that Black Women are the ugliest, loudest, most diseased, promiscuous, undesirable, unintelligent, poorest beings on the face of this planet. And we are only good for breading troubled athletes, confused entertainers and jailbirds. Giving the climate of America, it is a miracle that we (Black Women) have any self-esteem at all. The devil is a liar.

I thank God that most of us have a brain and have rejected those evil stereotypes which truly resulted from the sins of slavery that have never been fully acknowledged or repented therefrom by citizens of America (i.e., those that were NOT relocated to America via slave ships). It is hard to repent for sins that have not been acknowledged as evil.

Consequently, some Black Women have internalized these stereotypes and have consciously decided to live them out in their own personal lives. More recent prime examples of this insanity are Kim Porter and Sarah Chapman.

First there is Kim Porter, who gives her precious body (including soul, mind and spirit) to a man, albeit rich and famous, that gives an interview in a popular Black Woman’s magazine and basically says that you are not good enough to marry. You can be my baby moma (3x’s over) and concubine, but you cannot be my wife.

She finally realizes (for now) that it is time to go. But she does not leave quietly. She is granting interviews to anyone who will listen. Her ranting has now confirmed that P Diddy has a third baby moma and her name is Sarah Chapman.

Yes, you all have read it on Sandra Rose. Baby Moma #3 allegedly has a daughter by Mr. Combs. She grants an exclusive telephone interview with Sandra Rose. She wanted to clear-up or clarify that Kim knew about her pregnancy before Kim herself became pregnant with twin daughters. (Sidebar: Sarah knew that P Diddy was sleeping with Kim and God only knows whomever else; yet, she also chose to give her precious body to him).

We need to call a Black Woman summit ASAP. This is unacceptable. We must encourage our young daughters that stripping, concubing and baby moma-ing are not good career options.

Some things should not be for sale, especially your self-worth and dignity.


I just came from the Sandra Rose blogspot and saw a disturbing video.

The video came from Profitess Juanita Buyum (thanks to Still_Pocahontaz for the spelling) website. She is soliciting “emergency seed” money to purchase land containing approximately 30 acres with 12 lakes for her new threshing floor. Now that is a big threshing floor.

I know that her money and assets are frozen until the divorce is finalized. But excuse me. There is one mediator between man and God and his name is Jesus, who is seated at the right hand of God making intercession for HIS people daily. You cannot go wrong with Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. You do not have to BUY Jesus. All you have to do is RECEIVE and LOVE him.

YOU SHALL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUIT (CHARACTER). Profitess Bynum sat there on that video and lied. She said that she does not wear her bling on her person. Did you see the wedding? Do you see her clothes and jewelry?? What about the cosmetic surgeries??? Doesn’t she brag about her million dollar art collection and mansion in her sermons?

I would suggest that she downsize and sell all that she has jacked from church folk and use that money as a down payment for the property. I am sure she will have more than enough to purchase the property three times over. Oh, that’s right. All her assets are tied up until the divorce is final.

Why didn’t she go on the threshing floor for her marriage???? Why didn’t she ask God to deliver her from the evil within starting with her bossy and haughty spirit???? Isn’t God more powerful than hate and evil???? Doesn’t God have the power to restore her marriage??? What about submitting to your husband???

The Bible says that it is better not to vow then to make a vow and not keep it. Marriage between A MAN AND WOMAN is extremely sacred before God. It was the first institution established by God himself and upon it the nations are built. God honor this holy union and blessed it with the power to pro-create (create a nation). The devil knows that if you dismantle the institution of marriage, you dismantle a nation. Selah.

I will take this topic up on Sunday, if it is the will of God.

Increase the Peace.


It seems that local governments are cracking down on the saggy pants fashion craze. In June 2007, Delcambre, LA passed an ordinance that carries a fine of up to $500.00 or six months in jail for exposing underwear in public. Similar ordinances have been enacted in several other parishes and municipal governments throughout Louisiana.

Atlanta, GA and Trenton, NJ are two major cities seeking to pass similar ordinances that will make it punishable by fines for wearing the show-your-crack attire.

It is believed that this fashion craze started in prisons, where inmates were not given belts with their baggy jailhouse apparel in effort to prevent hangings and beatings among the inmates. However, this fashion trend was made popular by the late 80s with the introduction of “gansta rap” videos.

The American Civil Liberties Union and other “slow bus” dissenters say that these ordinances are a form of racial profiling and will disproportionately target young black males. WT_____???

My question to the ACLU and the “slow bus-keep them ignorant” posse is: WHAT ABOUT MY RIGHT NOT TO LOOK AT THE CRACK OF SOMEONE’S A*%???

In addition to the saggy pants prohibition, I hope municipalities across the United States will also pass legislation that prohibits the display of cleavage in public and the wearing of low rider jeans.

** AP Photo by Mel Evans


The Rev. Delman L. Coates of Mount Ennon Baptist Church located in Clinton, Marland, led more than 500 protesters in a two-hour demonstration outside the home of Black Entertainment Television’s Chief Executive Officer, Debra Lee.

Rev. Coates, founder of the Enough is Enough Campaign, is protesting the “commercialization and marketing of negative and derogatory images of black men and women in the entertainment industry.” According to the Enough is Engough website, “this movement recognizes the power of media and entertainment corporations to shape American attitudes, opinions, behaviors, and even policies by and about people of color.”

According to What About Our Daughters website, Ms. Lee made the following statement in response to the protest: "I believe in freedom of speech, but if you really want to have an impact, the best way is to have a conversation - not to protest in front of someone's house," Lee said. "I'm always willing to talk to our viewers."

I hope that in our protesting we do not forget the importance of both listening and having open dialogue.

As I said in an earlier post, I hope the next protest will be in front of the home of the CEO and President for Viacom.

Like the Godfather of Soul stated, “THIS IS A MAN’S WORLD.”

**Photo By Marissa Newhall -- The Washington Post

Friday, September 14, 2007




I will let you be the judge on this one.

Sidebar: While watching the TBN program hosted by Prophetess Bynum after her alleged beatdown by Bishop Weeks, I saw one of the young ladies (who admitted that she, the woman sitting next to her, and Prophetess Bynum had covered up another attack by Bishop Week on female employee) sitting in the front row. WT____??? (Please refer to my post dated September 3, 2007 and entitled “NBCI CONDEMNS BISHOP WEEKS’ ATTACK ON HIS WIFE” for the interview of this woman). I am starting to smell a rat and it ain't Bishop Weeks.


A few years ago, there was a prayer craze that had occurred in churchdom. The craze was start by a small book entitled the “Prayer of Jabez” written by Bruce Wilkerson. The book was based on 1 Chronicles 4:9, 10, where an HONORABLE man by the name of Jabez (Sidebar: his mother called him Jabez because she bore him with sorrow. Selah) prayed the following prayer:

“And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested.”

Everyone in the church went crazy over this book. Being the materialistic and gluttonous people that we are, church folks were running around saying “increase my territory, increase my territory!!”

However, for me, the most important part of the prayer was when Jabez prayed “keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me.” In fact in Luke 11:4 as part of Jesus’ instructions on prayer, he tells us to pray, “And lead us not unto temptation; but deliver us from evil.”

As I sat watching my daughter cheer on yesterday afternoon, the mother of one of the cheerleaders on my daughter’s squad had informed me that her son's 14 year old football teammate had suddenly died last night. She also informed me that he was an only child.

This young man’s death almost sent me into a depression. My mind began to ask God, “Why?” Why not take those that are bent on destroying themselves and others??? Why this kid??? He was an only child.

I was just delivered from a 10- year battle with depression in January 2007. So I definitely did not want to go back to that mental state.

Accordingly, I continued reading my book entitled “THE CHRISTIAN’S SECRET OF A HAPPY LIFE” by Hannah Whitall Smith. She said that faith is basically “believing God when He says He either has done something for us, or will do it; and then trusting Him to keep His word.” I fell asleep meditating on this word.

I get up this morning and the Holy Spirit reminded me of the prayers of Jesus and Jabez.

So to my brothers and sisters in Christ (Sidebar: “a brother ain’t brother cause of color”), we must believe that the weapons of our warfare (Good vs. Evil) are not carnal, but mighty through God for the pulling down of (destroying) strong holds (evil things) within ourselves first, spouses, children, family, friends and communities. (2 Corinthians 10:4)

I am encouraged this morning. I am fully persuaded that God has my (including family and friends) back, front, side, bottom and top. We are fully protected because He hears our prayers and answers them when we pray in faith (believing fully in who God is) according to His will. In fact, Jesus confirmed this in Mark 11:24: “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

So in effort to grow and mature in the faith like Jesus did, let us add these words to our prayer: “lead me not into temptation but deliver and keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me in the name of Jesus.” Then perhaps your character will be able to handle your success.



Later today, Reverend Delman L. Coates of Clinton, Pastor of Mt. Ennon Baptist Church located in Maryland, will lead a protest outside the home of BET President Debra Lee to urge her to change the network’s programming. The purpose of his Enough Is Enough: Campaign for Corporate Responsibility in Entertainment is “…to protest the commercialization, marketing and distribution of content that degrades black women and portrays negative stereotypes of black and Latino men as pimps, players, hustlers and thugs… We're also focusing on corporations that sponsor and advertise on media outlets that promote this content."

I hope the next protest will be in front of the home of Philippe P. Dauman, who is the President and CEO of Viacom according to Viacom's offical website.

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I want to thank my Heavenly Father Jehovah Jireh for providing protection for a young college student, Julian McCormick, who was trapped for a week in his car at the bottom of a ravine.

Thanks to the media, I had no idea that the 18 year old was reported missing on September 1, 2007. He was found a week later when a woman spotted him lying on the side of the road in Beltsville, Maryland. Now his parents are questioning why more wasn't done to search for him.

Nevertheless, I thank God for this miracle.


According to, the 3rd Circuit of Court of Appeals has vacated Mychal Bell's conviction of aggravated second-degree battery, one of his attorneys said this afternoon. Now, LaSalle Parish District Attorney Reed Walters (soon to be disbarred) can appeal the decision; accept the decision and charge Bell as an adult with attempted murder; or Bell can be charged with aggravated second-degree battery as a juvenile.

I still have one question. Will Jena 6 District Attorney Reed Walters receive the same fate as Duke Lacrosse Prosecutor Mike Nifong?


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I am deeply saddened by the brutal rape and torture of Megan Williams by the hands of six (6) demons. Yes, they are demons.

According to the criminal complaint, these “beyond evil” individuals held Miss Williams captive for approximately a week - forcing her to eat rat droppings, choking her with a cable cord and stabbing her in the leg while calling her a racial slur. These sickos also poured hot water over her made her drink from a toilet, and beat and sexually assaulted her.

Thanks to an anonymous tip, Logan County sheriff's deputies were led to the property where Megan was being held on Saturday. While questioning one of the suspects, Megan limped toward the deputies, her arms outstretched as she cried, "Help me." (Sidebar: Jesus, help me)

Megan’s mom confirmed that her daughter often goes away for extended periods of time, which explains the reason that a missing person’s report was not filed in this case.

According to Prosecutor Brian Abraham, Megan was not a random target. She had a "social relationship" with one of the suspects, he said.

I will be watching this story closely. My prayers are with Megan as she recovers (if, that is possible) from her trauma.

(Sidebar: It is being reported that police have filed 108 criminal charges against the six since 1991)

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