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Joyful Joyful - Sister Act 2

"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday

This guy is serious. I love the way he moves away from the mic. LOL.

Well, click here to see what happened to little Mr. Chocolate Rain when he became a youtube hit.

TRUE ACHIEVEMENT - author unknown

Most of the highest achievers in this world are people you've never heard of. Because achievement is much more than amassing fame or material wealth.

Achievement is living fully in a way that is meaningful to you and in line with the values you feel most deeply. Achievement is expressing the unique purpose that is at the center of your being.

Achievement does not require the approval, permission or recognition of anyone else. Achievement is following the desires of your most authentic self, not merely satisfying the shallow impulses of your ego.

The vast majority of achievements that come to life every day are quiet and peaceful and immensely fulfilling. Do not confuse true achievement with meaningless spectacles that make a lot of noise but have no lasting value.

In the smallest moments there is the potential for great achievement. For what true achievement is, is living with purpose and love, with thankfulness and joy.

Remember always that achievement is more than merely constructing great edifices. The most valuable achievement is building a meaningful life that makes a positive contribution.


The sidebar spotlight is on Brian Jenkins, a devoted husband and father of three young children and the cofounder and president of The Entrenuity Summer Business Camp. Entrenuity is a faith-based program in the Chicago area created to teach African American and Latino high school students skills to operate their own businesses. The name Entrenuity is a combination of the words "entrepreneurship" and "ingenuity," which are the qualities he hoped to inspire in his students.

Jenkins, 39, has worked with over 1,500 students since starting his Oak Park, Illinois-based not-for-profit organization in 2005. His passion and dream of teaching youth about business and Christian principles started in 1993 at Wheaton College. He volunteered to work with urban youth at Chicago's Lawndale Community Church and was overwhelmed by what he now realizes was a God-given thought: If these kids could have an opportunity to learn practical business skills, they would have much brighter futures.

Click here to read the entire article.

For more information regarding Enternuity, visit

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

Thursday, November 29, 2007


WJTV.COM (News Channel 12 Jackson) is reporting that the body of Jackson State University student Latasha Norman has been found. Norman's body was found on Thursday afternoon near Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi. The 20-year-old accounting major was last seen leaving a class on campus on November 13th.

Stanley Cole, Norman’s former boyfriend, has been arrested in connection with her death and faces murder charges. He was placed under arrest during a court appearance this morning.

My heartfelt prayers and sympathy goes out to Latasha Norman’s parents, family and friends.

Thanks to Don for the update.


I ran across these youtube videos of Joel Osteen being interviewed by Larry King. I know many of you like Pastor Osteen because he is “nice” guy. He, however, denies Jesus as Lord which is the hallmark of our discipleship. No Jesus, no forgiveness of sins and no kingdom of God.

In John 14:6: JESUS SAID, “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE: NO MAN COMETH UNTO THE FATHER, BUT BY ME.” Period. End of discussion. Man’s righteousness (nice personality) is as filthy rags. God is not impressed with your nice personality. The devil can be nice as long as he gets what he wants. Selah.

I am suspect whenever anyone can fill an arena to capacity each Sunday. Believe me if he starts preaching truth (the meat of the Gospel), the pews would not be as filled.

Now, does the Muslim compromise their beliefs for the shake of inclusion??? Does the Jew compromise their beliefs for the shake of inclusion??? Then why are these Mega preachers compromising the Gospel according to Jesus Christ for the sake of inclusion??

Oh, I forgot. It is all about the benjamins, baby.

Sidebar: I am really thinking about adding him, Creflo Dollar Paula White and Randy White to my “SIT YOUR AZZ DOWN” list.

Sidebar Update: I just added all four of them to the list.


Joel Osteen does not believe in using much scripture

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Creflo Dollar Interview Part 1

Creflo Dollar Interview Part 2

Sidebar: Can Creflo Dollar raise $1 million dollars for me so I can pay my student loan debt and take my three children to Disney World??? I'm just asking.


For the Cause of Christ? Thomas Weeks Shows Off Old Mansion

Sidebar: Bishop Weeks says Juanita Bynum only cooked 2 meals during their 5 year marriage.



Sidebar: I just learned that Creflo Dollar also appeared on CNN's Larry King Live last night. Of course, I will post the video once it is available on youtube.


Okay, I am about to start some mess.

I wake up this morning with CNN news playing on my television. The news topic was the killing of Dermatologist David Cornbleet by Hans Peterson, a former patient of Dr. Cornbleet. According to Peterson, he killed his former dermatologist because he described him a controversial acne drug that cause him to be impotent and thus ruining his life.

After fleeing to St. Martin, France and prior to being charged with the murder in the U.S., Hans Peterson turned himself in to French authorities and allegedly confessed to murdering Dr. Cornbleet in October, 2006.

Despite the alleged confession, Peterson is beyond the reach of U.S. law enforcement. As a French national on French soil, he cannot be sent to the United States for trial, according to a 2002 extradition treaty between the two countries. In contrast, the United States is allowed to extradite U.S. citizens to France, under the treaty.

Now I know Gina of What About Our Daughters? is going to love this, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Barack Obama (D-IL) sent a letter on September 11, 2007, to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urging her to consider, in light of the State Department’s support for France’s extradition request for Manuel Noriega, to publicly request that the Government of France extradite Hans Peterson.

In letter, the Senators note, in part, that:
“The State Department has publicly expressed support for France’s request for former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega to be extradited from the United States to France to face money laundering charges. While there are certainly compelling reasons for Noriega to face justice in France, there are also compelling reasons for Hans Peterson to face justice in the United States. We therefore ask that the State Department immediately make a direct appeal to the Government of France to extradite Hans Peterson to face charges in Cook County, Illinois for the murder of Dr. Cornbleet.” Click here to read a full text of the letter.

Okay, Senator Barack, Gina and her supporters are already upset about the Genarlow Wilson statement. It is time that you draft a statement regarding the Dunbar Village Rape and The West Virginia Torture and Rape cases. Both involved crimes against Black women. Senator Barack, do you and your staffers even know about the Latasha Norman, a Jackson State University college student missing since November 13th.
I would advise you to draft a state ASAP before Gina, Professor Tracey, Shecodes and Roslyn get medieval on you.

Sidebar: Senator Barack, I know you are trying to play the game. You can, however, show Black women, other than your wife and daughters, some love and attention without committing adultery. If you do, you may pick up a few votes.

Click here to see what other topics interest the good Senator.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Things are really on and popping on the What About Our Daughters? blog. The hot topic is the post regarding An Open Letter to Senator Barack Obama by Shecodes. Within her Open Letter, she asks Senator Barack Obama several questions ranging from solving black on black crime to funding business owned by Black women.

It was an interesting discussion. The following comment by I Am A Black Woman’s Blessing really opened my eyes to the importance of understanding how the U.S government operates in order to hold the appropriate branch of government accountable for addressing many of the social ills that are plaguing America, more specifically the Black Community. He writes as follows:

"At first pass of the seven questions explicitly directed toward Barack Obama and implicitly toward the other presidential candidates, they seem like good questions. Indeed, they are good questions, just not good questions for presidential candidates. The stated powers of the President of our land do not grant him the power to make laws; only approved the bill and make it a law by signing it or disapproved the bill by not signing or vetoing it. It is the role of Congress, both the House and the Senate to propose laws, for they are the voice of the people. It seems to me that the questions are more appropriate for Congressional candidates and even more so for local political candidates such as Governors, State Representatives, Mayors and City [Council] members."

In order for us, the citizens of the United States of America, to form a more perfect union, we must understand both how our government is structured and how it operates. We have to understand how the separation of powers (checks and balances) among the three branches of government Legislation, Judicial and Executive - works within the framework of the U.S. Constitution. We must then comprehend how the three branches of government operate within the framework of this great democracy.

I must admit that being a Corporate Attorney has made me rusty in the area of political science. This was once my second love next to religious studies, of course.

Well, it is now time to dust off those political science and constitutional law books and get back into the political mix.

This is a very crucial Presidential election, especially for Black women. We must be strategic in directing our questions and concerns to the appropriate governmental entity.

Sidebar: Remember Senator Barack Obama cannot lay all his cards on the table; otherwise, he would alienate a lot of other folks. You know what happens if a candidate who is Black appears to be too "Black." It is called playing the game to get what you want. Hello. We, as Black women, can trust him..

Barack Obama according to Michelle Obama!


Sounds Of Blackness - Hold On

Sounds Of Blackness - Optimisitc


According to AOL Black Voices, R&B powerhouse Stephanie Mills will appear on BET's talent competition Sunday Best.

The Grammy Award winner will share her wisdom with the remaining contestants and well as perform some of her most memorable songs on the episode which will premiere tonight, Nov. 27 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on BET.

Stephanie Mills -- I Feel Good All Over


Paula White was on Larry King last night. Of course, I will post the video when it is available on youtube.

During her appearance on Larry King, one of the questions asked of Paula White involved her appeal to black people, especially black woman. Selah.

Below was her first interview with ABC News Flashpoint after announcing her pending divorce from her husband, Randy White. Now, pay attention to her terminology during the interview. Then let's discuss her appeal to "black" woman.

Paula White's 1st Interview Since the Announcement - Pt 2

Paula White's 1st Interview Since the Announcement - Pt 3


Congratulations to Laurie Nicole Robinson on her promotion to Vice President and Assistant General Counsel of CBS Corp. She will be reporting directly to Louis Briskman, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of CBS Corp.

Prior to her promotion, Ms. Robinson worked as Assistant General Counsel and Director of Training and Development at CBS Broadcasting, Inc., a subsidiary of CBS Corp. Click here for her full bio.

Ms. Robinson matriculated at North Carolina Central University and received her Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, in 1994. She attended Indiana University School of Law at Bloomington and received her Juris Doctorate in 1998.

Ms. Robinson is also the founder and CEO of Corporate Counsel Women of Color, a non profit organization of over 1,900 women attorneys of color who work primarily for Fortune 1000 and Forbes 2000 legal departments. CCWC is designed to promote diversity in the legal profession.

Ms. Robinson is also a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. (Sidebar: Laurie, I forgive you for going the wrong way. LOL).

But most importantly, Laurie Robinson is a woman of God.

I am extremely proud of Ms. Robinson.

Laurie, thank you for letting your light shine.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I am conversing with one of my childhood friends on yesterday. She is Black, educated, single and childless. She will be 40 in January 2008. She lamented,“it is going to get worst for me in terms of finding a mate. I am getting older and I do not look like the girls in the music video.” (Record scratch right about here)

Her statement is the reason why I refuse to watch the NBC News with Brian Williams special entitled, “African-American Women: Where They Stand.” (See the post by Professor Tracey on What About Our Daughters?) What is the point of this week long series??? If NBC does not celebrate our achievements as black women with its series, then there is no need to watch such garbage.

I am so tired of statistical data that prophesies or espouses doom and gloom over Black women. According to most statistics, black woman are the most diseased, pitiful, whorish and undesirable beings on the face of the planet. I am tired of it. Consequently, many of my sisters (and the rest of the population) are starting to believe this nonsense. The devil is a liar.

It is by design. Faith comes by hearing. If enough people tell a woman that she is ugly and treats her accordingly, she will soon start to believe that she is in fact ugly.

Stereo-types are very dangerous when it comes to shaping the opinions of Black women about themselves. We have to start guarding our hearts and minds because out of the heart comes the issues of life. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. And as a woman thinks, she becomes.

Since our conversation on last night, I keep hearing my friend’s statement over and over in my head. I am saddened because she has brought into the nonsense; thus, her beliefs have become her reality. She believes that she is unworthy of love because she does not measure up to the “acceptable standard of beauty.”

How many women actually feel the same way as my friend??

Why has a social and cultural war been declared against Black women???


Sunday, November 25, 2007


I think today, I will let Jesus preach. The following is Jesus' teaching taking from Matthew 6: 19 -33:

6:19: Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

6:20: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

6:21: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

6:22: The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

6:23: But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great [is] that darkness!

6:24: No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

6:25: Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?

6:26: Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

6:27: Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?

6:28: And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:

6:29: And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

6:30: Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, [shall he] not much more [clothe] you, O ye of little faith?

6:31: Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?

6:32: (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.

6:33: But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

6:34: Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day [is] the evil thereof.


Saturday, November 24, 2007


I know you are tired of me posting videos about Bynum vs. Weeks, but I ran across these youtube videos of Juanita Bynum apologizing to members of My Global Destiny, which is the church pastored by her husband Bishop Thomas Weeks III.

I wonder if this was done before or after her interview with Essence magazine.

Each video is approximately 3 minutes in length. I would post the videos on my blog, but the links have been disabled. Click each video to view.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6

Friday, November 23, 2007


Amid accusations of lavish spending and illegal involvement in a political campaign, Richard Roberts has resigned as President of Oral Roberts University on Friday.

The Board of Regents will meet on Monday to begin the search for a new president.

In his letter of resignation to the board, Roberts said, "I love ORU with all my heart. I love the students, faculty, staff and administration and I want to see God's best for all of them."

Thanks to Pamela for forwarding the updates to me. My heart goes out to Pamela and all ORU alumni, faculty and students.

Sidebar: I am so overwhelmed by the various scandals that have rocked the Christian community until I cannot write a long post on this matter.

When I started this blog, I did a post which basically stated that a major shaking (or cleaning) of the church was beginning. It has started with “leadership” and will trickle down to the pews. The “pimping the pew bling-bling” gospel is coming to an end.

It is definitely time for individual and corporate repentance.



Click here to see the real estate listing for Mike Vick's home. The 8 Bed and 8.5 bathroom home is located at 2927 Darlington Run, Duluth, GA 30097.

I am really sad looking at the pictures of his home. I am still flabbergasted by how dogfighting could cost a person so much. What a hell of a price to pay for being hard headed.

Remember you can control your actions, but you cannot control the consequences. Selah.


Sing it, Nat King Cole. What a voice!!! You cannot start the Christmas season without Nate King Cole.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Symphony, creator of the Essential Presence blog and the blogger who was extremely instrumental in bringing the Dunbar Village to the forefront of blogdom, has created the Dunbar Village 2008 blog.

This blog will focus on the need for change. Her objective is to improve the lives of the residents of Dunbar Village. Symphony writes:

We may have differences of opinions but one thing is painfully clear: They need our support. This is not a forum to discuss whether or not there is a problem in the community, whether or not we need to take care of them, whether or not established civil rights groups are actively advocating for our issues. If you want to debate those issues this is the wrong place.

In January 2008 those who care and want to actively make a difference will come together in West Palm Beach to give the Dunbar Village residents our support as they demand and create change in their community.

We are not stepping into Dunbar Village to tell people what to do. This is something where we follow THEIR lead. We will provide support in terms of knowledge, ideas and resources but we won't be there to tell anyone what to do.

If you are interested in helping the residents to empower themselves through your physical presence, knowledge, ideas, resources or contacts THANK YOU.


Another Hot Church Mess has hit yet another Atlanta megachurch.

A recent court-ordered paternity test proved that Archbishop Earl Paulk, Pastor of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at Chapel Hill Harvester, fathered a child by his brother’s wife 34 years ago.

According to, this is not the first — or even the second — sex scandal to engulf Paulk and the independent, charismatic church. But this time, he could be in trouble with the law for lying under oath about the affair.

The living proof of that lie is 34-year-old D.E. Paulk, who for years was known publicly as Earl Paulk's nephew.

Bishop Paulk's newphew/son D.E. Paulk Speaks to CNN about the scandal

Sidebar: God is really cleaning house. He is not playing with our behinds. Let the cleansing and shaking continue.


RINGO4LIFE responds to the Essence Article


Bishop Thomas Weeks, III is breaking his silence once again since being charged with assaulting his wife, Juanita Bynum. Bishop Weeks recently spoke with Atlanta Fox 5 News reporter, Amanda Davis, in an exclusive interview.

During the interview, Bishop Weeks says that he is planning to hold a press conference to give his side of the story. He said that his silence this past few months was a mistake. He said that he owes it to those that have supported him throughout his ordeal.

Since we are on the subject of Bynum/Weeks, I read the Essence magazine article on Juanita Bynum and it really was a waste of time. Basically, the two are splitting because of money. I believe they both pimped each other and the pimp did not go as planned.

In the article, Bynum stated that her husband asked her about the whereabouts of her tithes and she told him that she had given them to another ministry. WT ???? Wait a minute, she gave her tithes to another church and not her own church??? Even Ray Charles can see that she kept that money. LOL.

I understand that Juanita Bynum is going on a media blitz to save her brand and name. However, the more she talks, the worst her public image becomes. Her story keeps changing by the minute. And this is not helping her case or her cause.

Sidebar: If your husband was brutally beating your behind and a bellman comes to your “rescue,” would you tell the bellman to not hit your husband???? I’m just asking.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

TELL ME IT AIN'T SO!!! and are reporting that Mary Harvey, ex-wife of comedian and radio personality Steve Harvey, has filed a complaint in the District Court, Harris County, Texas on yesterday alleging that her attorney, Rick Anderson, Esq., defrauded her out of alimony and child support for their minor son. That divorce settlement requires the multi-millionaire entertainer to only pay only $1,000 a month in child support.

From the complaint, it seems that Rick Anderson of the law firm of ANDERSON & SMITH, P.C., represented both Mary and Steve in their November 2005 divorce. What!!!!!! This is conflict of interest 101 – textbook case of possible malpractice. Mary also alleges that she was unaware of her right to independent counsel. (Sidebar: Mary, you must do better than this. You knew that you had a right to independent counsel)

The complaint also alleges that Mr. Harvey was “routinely unfaithful, neglected ‘some of his children,’ and was physically and emotionally abusive.” Wow, this explains why she never looked happy whenever the couple posed for pictures.

Click here to review a copy of the complaint.

Sidebar: I am just shocked by the allegations of abuse and parental neglect against Steve Harvey. On his weekly radio show, he regularly preaches against men abusing women and fathers neglecting their parental responsibilities. He also has repeatedly stated that he was the cause of the breakup of his marriage.


Dr. Donda West was laid to rest in Oklahoma City, OK on yesterday.

According to, Kanye West did address the mourners during the three-hour private funeral service for his mother. He reportedly broke down inside the church while talking about his mother, saying he wanted her to not "rest in peace, but rest in paradise."

Several stars came to lend their support Kanye which included Beyonce, Common, Anita Baker, Jay-Z and Fonzworth Bentley.


I am sad to report another young black woman is missing and the national media once again has proven that they really do not care about black women. In fact, the newly named chief of Mississippi's largest police force, Malcolm McMillin, confirmed that race is among the reasons the case of a missing Jackson State University student hasn't received national media attention.

Latasha Norman, a 20-year-old junior accounting major at Jackson State University, was last seen on Nov. 13th in one of her classes. Her car was left on the campus, but she never returned to her dormitory room when the afternoon class ended.

Police have no suspects in Norman’s disappearance, but have questioned her ex-boyfriend, Stanley Cole, said Luther Samuel, a detective with the campus police. We haven't ruled anyone out," Samuel said.

Cole was arrested Thursday on charges stemming from an incident last month. He was charged with simple assault after being accused of striking Norman with his fist Oct. 9 as the two argued in a restaurant parking lot in Pearl. Cole, who is a student at Jackson State, is free on bond.

TO HELP: Anyone with information is asked to call JSU’s police department at (601) 979-1659 or the Jackson Police Department’s missing person bureau at (601) 960-1210.

Click here for links regarding this case on the Missing Abducted website.

Sidebar: Thanks to Pamela for bringing this story to my attention. Let’s pray for Latasha Norman’s safe return.

According to, the father of missing Jackson State University student Latasha Norman was interviewed on MSNBC this morning.

**In the photo, Jackson Police Chief Malcolm McMillin and Latasha Norman's parents, Patricia and Danny Bolden.


‘Tis the season of gluttony and weight gain.

Thanksgiving is definitely the official kickoff to holiday overeating. As a result of the increase in social obligations, financial pressures and time constraints caused by holiday preparation, people tend to push aside healthy eating (or increase unhealthy eating) and consume too many calories. In fact, many of you have already decided that you are going “to get your eat on.” LOL.

As you know, I have started eating healthier. I rid myself of sugar, bread and salt consumption. To date, I have lost 12.4 pounds in 2 weeks. Yeah!!!

I had my first test on last Friday. My company had its annual Thanksgiving lunching and I refused to go over to the dessert area. I ate turkey and green beans. I added some cole slaw to my plate; but decided not to eat it because it was too sweet. I know some of you are thinking, “BORING.”

I want to keep the momentum going so I have decided not to use the holiday season as an excuse to gain weight. I have been there and done that. It also helps that I am not attending any Thanksgiving feasts with friends or family this year. The only Thanksgiving feast my family and I are invited to will take place today while I am at work. I hope my family has fun without me. : - (

In an effort to assist people manage their holiday eating with ease and enjoyment, AOL has listed the following seven tips:

1. Experiment:
Allow yourself to have anything and everything you want to eat, but become a fabulous food manager. Food may not make you fat, but food abuse might! Choosee seasonal foods you aren't likely to eat during the rest of the year -- eliminate those commonly available. For example, choose squash pudding instead of eating bread with butter.

2. Serve Yourself:
Politely insist on serving yourself. Take very small portions, eat slowly, and pay close attention to taste and cues of becoming full. Enjoy seconds or thirds of what you love, but keep the portions small and don't feel guilty for leaving out what's less than delicious. Leftovers are either wasted in the garbage or wasted on your body, and the former is much less fattening!

3. Politely Push Away:
Handle well-intentioned hosts who continually offer more food by showering them with compliments and appreciation. And kindly refusing to overindulge. If they are insulted by your refusal to overeat, recognize that it is their problem to cope with.

4. Know Your Limits:
Fats are fattening -- so eat nuts one at a time, eliminate some crusts on pies, and limit how much you drink eggnog. Begin with slivers of appealing deserts, and go back for more if you want. But don't hoard everything onto one plate.

5. Be Active:
Continue to exercise by adapting to the season. Dress in layers with a hat, remembering that outdoor activity warms you up quickly. Try a family activity or work out inside, run up and down stairs, or sneak away to the gym, even for 20 minutes!

6. Compensate:
Minimize calories throughout the day or week by having low calorie nutrition bars or a glass of a low calorie nutritional drink. Doing this before going to events can help you avoid being ravenous and maximize control of your hunger.

7. Find Support:
Holiday stress is as common as holiday blues. The holidays can emphasize feelings of isolation and loneliness -- which can cause us to eat to deal with the pain -- and leads to fattening results. Try to become your own best friend by soothing yourself with kind words, instead of beating yourself up for not meeting increased demands. Or find support from friends or express your emotions through journal writing.

AOL stated that deprivation as well as over-indulgence can sabotage any reasonable plan, so enjoy responsibly.

Happy Eating!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Praise Your Way Through (Bishop Paul Morton)

When you have done all you know to do, just stand and praise your way through!!!!!

Kanye West on the passing of his mother LIVE onstage

Sidebar: Thanks to Randi523 (Give a Lot, Lose a Lot blog) for forwarding this story to me.

I am glad to know that it was Kanye West's decision to continue performing and not his record company or management team. No one should tell anyone how to grieve. If performing helps him during this process, then by all means keep performing. Keep your head up, Mr. West.

Thanks to for providing the following written transcript of Kanye's statement:

The problems that we’re going through, the situations and hard times. And who would ever thought that these same songs would have to help me. And these shows, every show that I do has a different meaning to me now. Whether it’s “I Heard ‘Em Say, Nothings Ever Promised”, “You Can’t Tell Me Nothing”, “Jesus Walks”, “Touch The Sky”, or “That that don’t kill me can only make me Stronger”.

You know people call me and they say, “well you need to do this and you need to that.” And about 50 people, or 100 people that I ain’t never talked to in like the past 3 years call me out the blue talking about, “I just want to tell you that I give you [my] support and stuff.” Well I appreciate all the support and all that, but don’t suggest what I’m supposed to do.
[They say] “What you need to do is you need to stop touring and go home and clear your head.” Go home to what mother fucker?

Because if they see you out and you go outside and then the media catches a glimpse.. MAN FUCK THE MEDIA! Nobody can tell me anything about, you know when they talk about celebrity lives and real lives and the difference with all this being on T.V. Right now, you can’t tell me nothing.

And there’s nothing that she loved more then to come to the shows and scream louder than any fan. Because she was my first fan that was screaming before anybody else. My first manager. And if she was here, she would tell me to “get on that stage and kill it dawg.” That was her favorite word, dawg. She would tell me to go on this ‘Glow in the Dark’ tour and take over the world and “be number one like how I taught you to be baby.”

A FACE OF EVIL: The Daniyah Jackson Story

Hope4future asked Gina (What About Out Daughters?) and me to post this story. I was reluctant because of the depravity of the story. However, I realize that this tragic story may save a child's life.

The animal in the picture above decided to rape 10-month—old Daniyah Jackson (also pictured above) while her mother was at work.

Latoya Jackson left Daniyah in the care of her demonic boyfriend, Clinton Smith, 30, when she left for work around 10:30 am on Thursday. When she returned home around 9:30 pm, she found her daughter bruised and unresponsive daughter lying in her playpen.

Police said the baby had suffered bruises on her face, arms and legs as well as a bite mark on her chest. Doctors told police she also had been sexually abused.

The girl died at 3:34 p.m. on Saturday at Children's Hospital, according to the county medical examiner's office.

The Allegheny County medical examiner on Sunday determined that 10-month-old Daniyah Jackson died from multisystem organ failure precipitated by injuries to her abdomen and from a sexual assault. Her death has been ruled a homicide.

Sidebar: I am posting this story to encourage parents to pay closer attention to the individuals (including family members) that you have caring for your children.

They call me an overprotected parent, but I trust no one. People are sick. That’s right, my children are mainly with me and my husband. It is hard on the marriage; but we do what we have to do. I tell my children to not keep secrets. If anyone (I don’t care who it is) bothers you, let me know.

I definitely do not do sleepovers. Take your azz home and sleep in your own bed.

I really hope the inmates get medieval on Mr. Satan's azz while he is in jail. Do not place him in protected custody. Let jail justice prevail and save our tax dollars for something worthwhile.

Can we get a march against child molesters???

Monday, November 19, 2007

What Would Jesus Buy Trailer

2unruly brought this movie to my attention. The documentary follows the adventures of the Reverend Billy, who one day was so devastated by the commercialization of NYC's Times Square he decided to devote his life to preaching against the evils of shopping. This movie was released on Nov. 16th and is currently playing in limited theaters.

Sidebar: I am devastated too, Rev. Billy. I think God is trying to tell us something with all the toy recalls, and we are not listening. Many of us are about to spend money that we do not have on some ungrateful spouse, children, family members, friends (including signifcant other) and co-workers. I wish I could be a Jehovah Witness from now until December 31st. They have the right idea about the X-mas thang. Christ is definitely no where in the picture.

If we all were smart consumers, no one would purchase anything from now to December 31st to send a message to Corporate America and the Government. Prices would be lowered and the respect for the consumer would return. Of course, that is wishful thinking on my part. It would never happen. Too many people are addicted to retail.

VICK TURNS HIMSELF INTO CUSTODY is reporting that suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has surrendered to U.S. Marshals three weeks prior to his sentence date. Vick will be held at the Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, Virginia.

U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson of Richmond, who will sentence Vick on Dec. 10, signed an order Monday to allow the U.S. Marshal's Service to take Vick into custody. According to the court order, Vick’s early surrender was not due to any violation of his condition of his bond.

In August, Vick pleaded guilty for his role in a dog fighting operation conducted at his former property in Surry County, Va. In his plea agreement, Vick admitted to funding the illegal operation and victimizing and killing dogs.

Under federal sentencing guidelines, Vick faces between 12 and 18 months in prison.

Sidebar: I am starting to feel sorry for Mike Vick. I hope we all learn something from Vick’s mistake. If you have, be thankful.

The main lesson should be to surround yourself with people who are going in the right direction. Hang with individuals that have something to loose. That is, hang with individuals on or above your level of living. The Bible states to “be not deceived: evil company doth corrupt good morals [and good basic common sense].” Selah.


I am so looking forward to seeing this movie. Let's support our black movies and leave the bootleggers alone. Black films and music are mainly impacted by the bootleg industry. I really wish the FBI would shut them down.

KAYNE WEST BREAKS DOWN ON STAGE!! and Sandrarose have posted a youtube video of what appears to be Kayne West breaking down onstage during a concert performance in Paris over the weekend. You can hear his band play "Hey Mama" in the background.

Now, I am distraught. I tried to keep this a positive blog week. However, we must remember that there are people who are dealing with so many challenges at this time.

I prayer that the Spirit of all comfort be with all of you during this Holiday Season.

Sidebar: Why was he on stage so soon??? Has Dr. Donda West been buried??? I really feel for him.


*Photo by Radar Magazine

Black bloggers have a lot to be thankful for these days. Major media outlets are taking notice of the power and influence of Black Blogdom.

According to, the latest edition of Radar Magazine will feature the “new radicals” of the Black blogsphere, which include Jam Donaldson, 34 (, Rod McCollom, 36 (, Eskay, 26 (, Angel Laws, 23 (

In this last two months alone, three other Black bloggers were also featured in major newspaper and magazine publications, and they are as follows:

Blkseagoat of the Black Sapience... My .02 blog appeared in USA Today and the Chicago Tribune.

Gina of What About Our Daughters? blog is featured in the latest edition of Essence Magazine. (Yes, Gina, you are in Essence Magazine. Get over it. LOL)

Field Negro of The Field Negro blog was featured in the Los Angeles Times .

(Sidebar: Click on the names of the newspapers to view each article)

Congratulation, to all the black bloggers who are changing the game and lives with one post at a time.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Despite gains in technology, medical research, civil rights and knowledge, the human race has globally become increasely more unsatisfied with wealth, religion, politics, lust, hate and greed. There is a cry of dissatisfaction in the air demanding and begging for relief. We all feel it. It is in the air. We are tired of lying – that is, lying to ourselves and lying to each other.

But I have Good News this morning. Take comfort in this: You have the power right now to give God (Jehovah) praise.

Put on the oil of gladness knowing that HE IS LOVE and loves you very deeply. Put on the garment of praise for you know that HE and HE only is your deliverer. Now bath yourself in HIS TRUTH for you know that without HIM you can do nothing.

Let’s stop worrying and wearing ourselves out trying to gain what we have already inherited when we accepted salvation through Jesus Christ. Let’s begin receiving our inheritance in the LORD by praising HIS HOLY NAME. All it starts with is a simple THANK YOU.

The Holy Bible tells us that God’s people perish for a lack of knowledge. So as we go forth this week, read a chapter from the Book of Psalms each day and learn who God – the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth (not religion) – is. Surround yourself with only music and information that maintains an atmosphere of thankfulness and praise.

I do not care what it looks like right now, God can and will turn it around for your good if you believe that HE can and will.


You are too blessed to be stressed.



96:1 O sing unto the LORD a new song: sing unto the LORD, all the earth.
96:2 Sing unto the LORD, bless his name; shew forth his salvation from day to day.
96:3: Declare his glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people.
96:4 For the LORD is great, and greatly to be praised: he is to be feared above all gods.
96:5 For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens.
96:6 Honour and majesty are before him: strength and beauty are in his sanctuary.
96:7 Give unto the LORD, O ye kindreds of the people, give unto the LORD glory and strength.
96:8 Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name: bring an offering, and come into his courts.
96:9 O worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness: fear before him, all the earth.
96:10 Say among the heathen that the LORD reigneth: the world also shall be established that it shall not be moved: he shall judge the people righteously.
96:11 Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad; let the sea roar, and the fullness thereof.
96:12 Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein: then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice
96:13 Before the LORD: for he cometh, for he cometh to judge the earth: he shall judge the world with righteousness, and the people with his truth.


COGIC Centennial Convocation DR. JUDITH McALLISTER

Hallelujah - Praise Him


Friday, November 16, 2007


This week was an incredible week on my path to personal growth. Several situations occurred that reinforced the necessity of self-love, self-acceptance and contentment (with who you are right now) to our personal journey of learning to receive love, honor and healing, especially from our own selves.

It started with the tragic death of Dr. Dondra West due to complication of plastic surgery. I was deeply touched by this tragedy because a young man who deeply loved his mama will now have to learn to continue living with a deeply wounded heart. With each post on this tragedy, I learned that many of us on this blog are dealing with the loss of a one or both of our parents. Some as recent as this year.

One comment that caught my attention was from Rosyln. She shared that she had lost her mother to breast cancer a few years ago. At my urging, she provided a link to a tribute she posted on her blog to her mother. Upon reading the first few sentence, I started to break down. The post begins as follows:

Edith Marie Brooks Smith Hardy. My mama. Wasn’t she gorgeous? Unfortunately, she never knew it. This incredibly talented woman truly believed her only worth was in what she could do for others. She never knew her value….

Nobody went hungry if she was around. My mama truly believed that God would provide. The scary part is, He always did. I’ve seen her give away her last dime and somehow more money just showed up. We used to call it ‘Pennies from Heaven.’ She felt that if she took care of everyone else, God would take care of her. I know its Christian, but damn is it human?

Those words “she never knew her value” pierced my consciousness and heart. Like Roslyn’s mama, I do not know my value. I have always been afraid to view myself from the eyes of God. Why??? Afraid that I will become conceded, high minded and arrogant. Afraid of friends labeling me as “she thinks she is better than me. I remember when.”

(Sidebar: I personally do not like arrogant people or people that forget from whence they came. But I do like confident (yet humble) people)

Roslyn’s mama story blessed me. It gave me an inner determination to begin assessing and embracing my value. We are all valuable. We are here for a reason. God sent us into the world to bless the world and to learn valuable lessons from our experiences. God has hidden so many treasures within us. It is our job to find them for ourselves.

To Roslyn, thank you for sharing your mother’s story. Thank you for your honesty and candor.

Thank you, Mrs. Edith Marie Brooks Smith Hardy for giving birth to such a great daughter and for being a living Epistle for the world to read. I will never forget your story.

Thank you both for giving us those PENNIES FROM HEAVEN.


UPDATE: Blkseagoat said that his counter demonstration went well. He passed out at least 600 fluorescent flyers about the Dunbar Village to various marchers as they marched around the Justice Department. He said many of them had not heard about the Dunbar Village Rape. He said he was joined by I believe four other people. He said that he had spoken to a Dunbar Resident who appreciated his, Gina and Symphony's efforts to help them. She told him that there are still major issues at the Housing Complex (or Concentration Camp as Gina describes it) that she needs to discuss with him at a later date. He is planning to visit Dunbar Village when his schedule permits.

On this weekend, Blkseagoat will be a media blitz. He has approximately 3 interviews with various news organizations

Good job to Blkseagoat!!! The man is on fire.

**************************November 16, 2007****************************
Click here to see live coverage of the Washington D.C. March Against Hate Crimes sponsored by The National Action Network and the Rev. Al Sharptonon on


I just spoke briefly with Blkseagoat. He said that he is doing fine; despite sounding a little melancholy. Perhaps he was just tired.

I let him know that I am praying for him. I am especially praying that he refrains from any profanity usage.

I also wanted to make sure he had my cellphone programed into his, just in case he gets arrested. LOL.

I told him to keep me posted. I will update you as soon as I hear from him.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Photo by H. Darr Beiser, USA TODAY

Wow, hanging around Gina's blog and podcast can sure get you some press.

Yes, the very courageous Blkseagoat, aka Shane Johnson, is featured in today's edition of USA TODAY. Click here to read the entire article.

For anyone who will be supporting Blkseagoat with his counter demonstration on today, please bring a video camera. We respectfully ask that you upload any counter demonstration footage to for our viewing.

Please let us know that the footage is available on youtube by emailing Blkseagoat at Please click here for more information about the SILENCE IS NOT GOLDEN demonstration.

Good luck, Blkseagoat. I will be praying for you. No profanity, please.

Sidebar: Congrats on the article!!! Thank you so much for standing up for my daughter and me.

I am glad to know that someone cares about Black women and has the courage to publicly support us.

Whoopie vs. Laura Ingraham

Conservative raido talk show host and author Laura Ingraham and Whoopie Goldberg go at it on The View. Umm, very interesting.

Just imagine if she would have checked Damon Wayans like that.


Guess who is featured in the new issue of Essence Magazine. None other than my blog sistah, Gina of What About Our Daughters. YOU GO, GIRL!!!!!

Girlfriend has been named as was one of the 25 most inspiring African Americans of 2007. She is listed among the ranks of Tyler Perry and Oprah. God is good.

Make sure you pick up your copy.

Sidebar: I was looking for this edition at Walgreen last night; and of course, they had every new edition for other magazines but Essence. Now, I wished that I would have paid my Essence subscription. Let me find my invoice so that I can pay it. LOL

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


My blog brotha, Blkseagoat, has just informed via a comment that his permit has been granted. You go, boy!!!!! You are not playing. :-)

Blkseagoat will hold a counter-demonstration at the same time as the Washington D.C. March Against Hate Crimes sponsored by The National Action Network and the Rev. Al Sharpton. The purpose of Blkseagoat is to bring light to the Dunbar Village Rape case and to confront black “leaders” about their continued silence regarding this case. For more information about Blkseagoat’s counter-demonstration, please click here.

Gina, of What About Our Daughters, is providing extensive coverage of Blkseagoat’s counter-demonstration. Click here for the WAOD coverage. Gina is over there outing everyone by giving their real name. LOL.

Sidebar: Blkseagoat, please make sure you have someone video tape your counter-demonstration so you can upload it to for our viewing.

PRELIMINARY AUTOPSY RESULTS RULES OUT OVBVIOUS SURGICAL ERROR is reporting that the preliminary autopsy report has ruled out any obvious surgical error by Dr. Jan Adams. However, the full autopsy report is expected to be released within the next 4 to 6 weeks, once the toxicology screenings are completed. would like for all of us to know the following about their post:

The above article was published at 4:20 A.M EST. At the time of publishing, no other news source in the world was reporting the preliminary findings of the autopsy report. Copies of this article were sent to all the major news agencies (including CNN, The Associated Press, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and In the past, a number of news organizations have re-reported's articles without giving proper credit. We ask that if you use the information provided in this news article, that you give credit to, the world's most visited Black website. Not only is that standard practice in good journalism, but it's the right thing to do.

Sidebar: Media TakeOut, Character Corner always gives you your props. : - )

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Earlier today, Gov. Sonny Perdue was joined by 250 faith-filled citizens and other state elected officials outside the State Capitol to pray for the rain needed to end the Georgia's historic drought.

Gov. Perdue asked them to "reverently and respectfully pray up a storm."

Perdue said after the event that Georgians have not done "all we could do in conservation" and that the drought was an attempt by God to "get our attention."

"Hopefully we will be better conservators of the blessings God's given us as he gives us more (rain)," the governor said.

Sidebar: Now, take that ACLU!!!! I am so glad I defected from New Jersey to Georgia. Gov. John Corzine would never have done this, even after his accident.



Dr. Dondra West's death is a real tragedy. I hope that we do not allow her to die in vain. I hope we use this tragedy to examine the importance of SELF LOVE, SELF ACCEPTANCE and CONTENTMENT.

1 Timothy 6:6 states, "Godliness with contentment is great gain."

It has been a growing trend among Black Hollywood to nip and tuck when it is unnecessary. From Vivica Fox to Juanita Bynum, more and more black celebrities are going under the knife to “enhance” their beauty. I still say that the plastic surgeons that performed the procedures on Michael Jackson, Lil Kim and Vivica Fox should have their medical licenses revoked forever. It should be a crime to mutilate someone’s face like that.

I am not going to lie. I love the show called Extreme Makeover. But those EM participants had some severe physical deformities that needed to be corrected.

I am turning 40 in March 2008. I just realized that I am aging. It is a scary thing to think about. You are not going to look the same after awhile. Some age gracefully while others don’t. I am attempting to age gracefully. Thank God for my good genes from both sides of the family. All my family members look younger than what they are.

Nevertheless, I am on a journey to learning contentment with myself. I am learning to love myself and others more and more each day. It is required if you want to enjoy your limited time on this Earth. Self love and contentment can save your life. Selah.

Sidebar: I guess the greatest love of all is learning to love yourself. Love starts within you.

TMZ ACCOUNT OF THE EVENTS THAT LEAD TO DR. WEST'S DEATH is reporting that the cosmetic surgeries which lead to the death of Dr. Dondra West were performed by Dr. Jan Adams, a Black plastic surgeon. Sidebar: Darn, why did it have to be a brotha??

Dr. Adams tells TMZ… (Sidebar: Hold-up. He is talking to gossip wags without consulting an Attorney) that Wes consulted with him for over a four month period. He stated that she changed her mind numerous times before deciding to have the procedures done. also learned that another Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Andre Aboolian refused to conduct the surgery because of Dr. West’s medical condition. In response to Dr. Aboolian’s assertion, Dr. Adams stated, “[Dr. Aboolian] is sleazy and manipulating the truth to elevate his importance.”

TMZ also reported that Dondra West was at home when 911 was called, which contradicts what first reported which is that she died during the procedure. Sources who was a family of Kayne West told Mediatakeout that “she went in to the procedures, and she never made it out.”

TMZ confirmed that at 7:35 PM Saturday night, paramedics responded to a 911 call and transported West to nearby Centinela Freeman Hospital in Marina del Rey.

A hospital spokesperson stated that West was unresponsive when brought to their ER around 8:00 PM. They attempted to resuscitate her, but were unsuccessful. She was pronounced dead around 8:30 PM that night.

Dr. Adams reiterated that he did nothing wrong. Well, we will let the medical board and/or jury determine that.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Kanye West's Mom on WGN



The Jena 6 story was initially broken by KAYT 88.1 FM Radio Talk Show Host Tony Brown. For approximately one year prior to the Jena 6 story reaching national attention, Mr. Brown was in the trenches working to bring public attention and justice to the Jena 6 defendants.

Also in the trenches with Tony Brown and the Jena 6 families, was Pastor Brian Moran, who is the young preacher from Jena, Louisiana, who, allowed the Jena 6 families to meet at the church he ministers, after they were turned away by other local black ministers.

Both men worked tirelessly with the local chapter of the NAACP to address the injustice that was generated by unequal treatment of the Jena 6 teens by local parish Prosecutor.

Click here to hear an interview with Tony Brown and Pastor Brian Moran. This eye-opening interview was given on September 11th on Victory Waters Speak on In the interview you can hear Mr. Brown's concerns (albeit subtle) about radio talk show personalities being involved in the Jena 6 fight.

I did not post about the "beef" between the local NAACP and Michael Baisden and Al Sharpton because I did not want to highlight my disappointment with Michael Baisden and the Rev. Sharpton. It seemed that Rev. Sharpton and Baisden held their own rally without consulting the local NAACP who initially organized the Jena 6 demonstration that took place in October. Click here to read Mr. Brown’s post regarding the tension between the NAACP and Baisden.

In fact, radio talk show personality and Attorney Warren Ballentine publicly denounced Michael Baisden’s “highjack” of the Jena 6 March. I guess after a scolding from Rev. Sharpton, Mr. Ballentine tempered his speech toward Mr. Baisden.

I feel that the most important people involved in the Jena 6 case have been pushed aside for more popular representatives who really do not have the grassroots connection to the case and the Jena 6 families to ensure that the fiascoes like the one caused by Baisden against Color of Change do not occur.

Do you think that Mr. Baisden consulted with Tony Brown or any other Jena 6 family members besides Mychal Bell's father prior to launching his attack against Color of Change?


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that Dr. Donda West, mother of Kanye West died on Saturday night in Los Angeles. The cause of death is unknown. She was 58. Click here to leave your condolences.

The former chairwoman of Chicago State University’ English department was known for her extremely close bond with her son. She raised Kanye alone after her husband left when he was 3.

In May, she published the book "Raising Kanye: Life Lessons from the Mother of a Hip-Hop Star," in which she paid homage to her famous son.

My heartfelt condolences go out to Mr. West. I am deeply saddened by the passing of his mom. I am really in shock.

Let’s all keep Kanye and his family in our prayers.

UPDATE: has confirmed that Dr. Donda West, the mother of hip-hop mogul Kanye West, died following a "cosmetic procedure" in Los Angeles this weekend, according to her publicist. Click here to see video of Dr. West and Kanye discussing her book.



The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that Bishop Eddie Long broke his silence Sunday about inquiry by Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), which asking for the financial and board records of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia.

During a brief address to the congregation on Sunday, Bishop Long considers the request by Sen. Grassley as it an "unjust," "intrusive," and "an attack on our religious freedom and privacy rights."

Sen. Grassley is the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, which has some oversight powers of nonprofits and charities. In addition to Bishop Long’s financial records, Sen. Grassley is asking for documents from five other televangelism ministries which include: Cleflo Dollar, Randy and Paula White, Benny Hinn, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and David and Joyce Meyer.

Grassley said reports of excessive lifestyles and spending by these ministry leaders caused him to wonder whether the tax breaks given to ministries were being abused to enrich those involved.

SIDEBAR: I am not a support of "bling-bling Christianity," but I do hope that these ministries pull their resources together and challenge the Sen. Grassley's request for their financial records for constitutional reasons.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


1 JOHN 1: 5 -7:

1:5: This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.

1:6: If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:

1:7: But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleansed us from all sin.

The above verses let us (meaning the church) know that the BENEFIT of our fellowship with Jehovah (God) through Christ Jesus (God’s Word) cleanses us from sin and its destructive power. We are no longer victims or slaves to our “humanity.”

Therefore, the Good News is that we are no longer a slave to sin. We have the power to live in total victory in every area of our lives. It is our birthright as heirs of salvation through the blood of Jesus.

This truth became clearer for me on this week when I realized that I was free from my addiction to sugar. I totally embraced that I had the power to overcome gluttony through Christ Jesus. As a saint and child of the Most High God, I have every right to live in good health.

The Holy Spirit assisted me with coming to the place in my mind and heart where I can now walk in the light and liberty of salvation. The Spirit showed me who I am in Christ Jesus. And I believed what the Spirit has shown me.

I love hearing testimonies from people who were delivered from addictions. It is inspiring to watch these sick caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies of God’s Grace. These individuals have come to a place of total surrender to the power of God as it relates to their lives and addiction. They understand that they are powerless in their own strength without God.

So, if the Holy Spirit is convicting you of any sin in any area of your mind or life, rejoice because you have the victory today right now to overcome that/those sin(s) and walk in the light and liberty through Christ Jesus.

Remember that it is a process. Each day as you meditate, pray, study scripture, fellowship with other saints walking in the light, listened to testimonies and listen to God’s voice speaking through other creative methods (blogs, songs, quotes, billboards etc.), your faith in Christ Jesus will strengthen you to walk continuously in victory.


Hezekiah Walker-Clean Inside

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tools Adopting Healthier Habits had an article that discussed how adopting healthier habits can assist dieters in losing weight and keeping it off. is a website filled with successful weight loss testimonies that will keep you encouraged on your fitness journey.

Of course, do not forget to visit Randi523’s blog for great health and nutritional information.

Temptations - Treat Her Like A Lady

I love me some Ali-Ollie Woodson. Click here for Ollie's official website. : - )


The hot mess that is brewing with Radio Disc Jockey Michael Baisden makes me questioned whether the use of celebrities as activists is always a wise move. Granted, Michael Baisden is sincere in his commitment to the uplift of the Black community. His weekly radio show is a nice mixture of activism, education and entertainment. However, every since he has been initiated into the brotherhood of Rev. Al Sharpton, Mr. Baisden has gotten a little bit beside himself. Clearly, Mr. Baisden was inducted into this civil rights fraternity because he has a large radio listening (and now cable television viewing) audience. So he does bring something beneficial to the table.

Notwithstanding his popularity, Mr. Baisden is still a neophyte when it comes to civil rights activism. He needs to understand his power and learn how to constructively use it. He also needs to discern when he is being used or pimped by media hounds and greedy parents. Selah.

We all have a part to play in this revival of consciousness. From taking better care of our health to making better decision about family planning to spending wisely to choosing a president, we all have to manage our lives better so that we can be participants in the solution and not the problem.

Sidebar: To all those who will be brought to the forefront of this new movement of consciousness, please do not let the hype blind you.

Friday, November 09, 2007


The National Action Network and the Rev. Al Sharpton is sponsoring the Washington D.C. March Against Hate Crimes at the U.S. Department of Justice on Friday, November 16, 2007, from noon to 2:00PM (EST). The purpose of the march is to demand that the federal government protect Blacks against hate crimes. For details concerning the march, please click here.

If you listened to last night’s Black Women’s Roundtable podcast, you would have learned that Blkseagoat is planning a counter-demonstration at the same time as the Washington D.C. March Against Hate Crimes. The purpose of Blkseagoat is to bring light to the Dunbar Village Rape case and to confront black “leaders” about their continued silence regarding this case. For more information about Blkseagoat’s counter-demonstration, please click here.

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