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Character Corner mourns the death of Soror Linda Marie White, Alpha Kappa Alpha Incorporated 26th international president.

From 1960, the year she joined Alpha Pi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha at Clark University in Atlanta, GA, until her passing, White devoted her life to fulfilling AKA's mission: "to provide service to all mankind."

After leaving Clark, she returned to Chicago and joined Theta Omega Chapter where she began her ascension up the leadership ladder. She served Theta Omega as president and was active in its charitable arm, the AKArama Foundation. With her energy, passion and commitment to service, she volunteered in a variety of roles that furthered Alpha Kappa Alpha's service mission.

Anxious to serve Alpha Kappa Alpha on a national level, she successfully ran for international secretary and served from 1994-1998. White then ran for first vice president, which put her in the leadership pipeline to be international president. She served in this capacity from 2002-2006, and her administration theme was "The Spirit of Alpha Kappa Alpha."

Her administration focused on education, health, the arts and the black family. Some of her particular accomplishments included the launch of the Young Authors program where she showcased the talents of children up to age 18. Through the publication The Spirit Within, her administration provided a vehicle for exposing their works and a launching pad for their talent.

White is credited with conceiving the Centennial Traveling Exhibit, which captured highlights of AKA's 98-year-history in exhibits, dioramas and interactive presentations. It was a major attraction of the Sorority's Centennial in 2008.

Her signature accomplishment revolved around her devotion to education. Her administration secured a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Through this award, her administration established the Ivy Reading AKAdemy, a tutorial haven for those youth who needed a place to improve their reading skills. That so many youngsters attended the AKAdemy and improved their reading is a testimony to the need and success of this initiative.

In addition to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Linda White was active with the Links and served on the board of the United Negro College Fund—further testimony to her commitment to education.

Professionally, she was a regional director with the Social Security Administration.

She leaves to mourn: her sister Judy White Rushing, brother Spruiell White (Nedra), her nephews Adam & Albert Travis and a legion of those who loved and admired her, including the members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

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Tune in to Character Corner TV on tonight, March 25th at 6:00 PM EST on This week's guest will be up and coming Healthy Lifestyle Blogger and Coach and my Soror Evelyn Parham. Click to view the show. Visit Soror Evelyn Parham at Follow Evelyn on @Evelyn_Parham.

Evelyn Parham is a Healthy Lifestyle Blogger and Coach, who shares information about how you can become healthy, health & raw food vegan tips, and reviews. She is a graduate of Tennessee Technological University where she obtained a M.S. degree in biology. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. She is also a proud wife and mom.


A Different World, Lincoln Heights, Love That Girl, Way Black When | TVONEONLINE.COM VIDEO

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with the famous LisaRaye on the blogtalkradio show RealTalk TanyaWhite . Listening to LisaRaye gave me a newfound respect for her. Click here to listen to the show. The host takes my call at approximately 28:28.

I asked her about her health regime and how she felt about reading the negative comments on blogs. I even apologized to her for the negatives things I wrote about her acting ability on the blogs. There is something about turning 40 that a shift happens to your spirit and you have to come to face with who you really are (the good and the bad), especially if you are seeking to live authentically. LisaRaye(who is also 42) and I seem to be on the self inventorying stage of our journey of personal growth.

Check out LisaRaye’s new reality show called “LisaRaye: The Real McCoy" airing on April 8, 2010 on TVOne. The show will focus on friendship fiascos and marital melodrama as well as what's next for her. Check your local listings for show times.

You can follow LisaRaye on twitter at @TheRealLRaye. Visit her website

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Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things [are] honest, whatsoever things [are] just, whatsoever things [are] pure, whatsoever things [are] lovely, whatsoever things [are] of good report; if [there be] any virtue, and if [there be] any praise, think on these things. ~ Philippians 4:8
Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it [are] the issues of life. ~ Proverbs 4:23
"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he. ~ Proverbs 23:7."
The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear? ~ Proverbs 18:14

Thanks to Affion Crockett for this video. After 1996 (except for Kanye), most of the top selling rappers rap like they were just released from the plantation, especially the ones coming out of the south. The more ignorant the rapper (and his/her rap content) is then the more it sales. Each top selling rapper has either been incarcerated or worshiping the devil. It is utterly ridiculous. There is definitely a market for Ni$$as.

How did Hip Hop replace R&B as a music form? The real question is why did it replace R&B?

We as human beings have three entries that our minds receive information: the ear gate, eye gate and the mouth gate. These gates allow the informational stimuli to access to our minds and soul, which shape our modus operandi - how we behave and manage our lives.

Don't underestimate the power of music and its impact on these gates to our mind and soul. Music was intended to impact our souls and their desires, both good and evil. You can attest how certain songs put us in a certain mood or help exaggerate our current mood.

So if I were the enemy, how would I destroy a generation of young people?

1. I would destroy the relationship/marriage between the parents or prevent a marriage from commencing in the first place. Family relationships are supposed to provide protection and socialization for children in a stable and loving environment. When this relationship fortress is broken, it will always negatively impact the seed/offspring.

2. I would ensure that the youth do not receive an education that would give them the tools to build a better life for themselves o r any offspring they produce (generational curses).

3. I would make sure the ear and eye gates are flooded with images and sounds of ignorance, negatively, evil and destruction.

4. I would make sure that this destructed information (couched with a great beat and song hook or chorus) is confessed through their mouths thereby shaping their beliefs about themselves and the world.

All this tactics will erode their true godly identity and make them slaves to perpetual destruction. Selah.

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Internet rumors surfaced Wednesday that the 45-year-old actress' husband, celebrity motorcycle builder and reality-TV star Jesse James, had been unfaithful while she was making her Oscar-winning film. Bullock subsequently canceled a planned appearance next week at the London premiere of "The Blind Side," citing "unforeseen personal reasons."

On Thursday, James apologized to his wife and three children from previous relationships through a statement issued to People magazine and later obtained by The Associated Press.

At the Golden Globes, Bullock told James from the stage, her voice cracking with emotion: "There's no surprise that my work got better when I met you. Because I never knew what it felt like for someone to have my back."

Things were different at the Academy Awards.

Bullock did not thank her husband, who appeared teary-eyed on camera as she accepted her award. Instead she thanked mothers and parents everywhere — including a poignant tribute to her own mother — along with her fellow nominees and "everyone who's shown me kindness when it wasn't fashionable." (Source)

In her interview with Barbara Walters just before her Oscar win, Sandra Bullock, who married for the first time at age 40, stated the following about her husband, " I never knew what it was like for someone to have my back... No one has ever protected me in a partnership like that. But I blame myself for that. You know, I never allowed myself to be cared for or protected in that way in a relationship."

Wow. Please pray for Sandra Bullock as she deals with the pain of betrayal by her husband.

SANDRA BULLOCK'S OSCAR ACCEPTANCE SPEECH - Yahoo was correct. She did not thank her husband this time around.


With the numerous stories of adultery and divorce plaguing our news headlines today, it is time to ask the question, what is the purpose of marriage?

Marriage is an extremely sacred relationship. It was created by God to establish sexual and social order within the human relationship between a MAN and a WOMAN. It was the second institution established by God - with the first being the personal relationship between God and the individual man.

In Genesis 1: 1-25, Jehovah created the world – a place for humans to exist and govern. Then in verse 26 he made the male-man and gave him dominion over the earth. Although this man, who called “Adam,” was focused managing on God’s creation, Adam realized that he didn’t have anyone like himself to relate to. And Jehovah acknowledged that it is not good for man to be alone so he created (from Adam’s rib) a helper or “helpmate” and presented her to Adam. (Sidebar: Notice Jehovah did not make another man. He made him a woman. Selah). Adam was extremely excited and called her ”Woman” because she was taken from him. Thus, “a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” through sexual intercourse. (Genesis 2:24)

After He created the man and woman, Jehovah transferred the responsibility of procreation (populating the earth with people) to the man and woman. (See Genesis 1:27, 28). Yes, the heterosexual intercourse is very powerful. No other sexual relation (e.g., homosexual) has the power or (ability to if the reproductive organs are functioning properly) to create another human being. Amen.

Sidebar: This is the first of a serious of articles, which will be posted over the next few weeks, dealing with the purpose of marriage and sexuality. Giving the sacredness of the subject matter, I want to address it in small intervals so that we can thoroughly understand the sacredness of the blessed union between man and woman. Learn and enjoy.

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Tune in to Character Corner TV on Tonight, March 18th at 6:00 PM EST on This week's guest will be up and coming Media Mogul, Nichelle Walker. Click here to view the show.

Nichelle Walker is a successful blogger, acclaimed author and owner of NWMasssMedia, which was formed in 2008 to partner with her publishing company NWHoodTales. Nichelle busted on the scene in 2007 with the smashing debut of her bestselling novel entitled, Doing His Time. She instantly received rave reviews for her novel which was compared to the classic novel, The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah.

Nichelle wants to be a website that dares to be different. She rarely writes about celebrity gossip. Her main focus is on writing articles about things that are on her mind and affecting our world. Her goal is to build up our community one day and one sentence at a time.

Please visit Nichelle's website, or follow her on Twitter @Nichelle_Walker.

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Finally, a real female lyricist from Baltimore, MD. I like her. I love battles. Remember Roxanne Shante. She took me back to my rap days. Enjoy!!

Follow MC Keys on Twitter at @keys_theproblem.

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"Embrace the struggle." ~ Carl Daikeler, CEO Beachbody ant Team Beachbody

Today is the first day of the PERFECT 10 FITNESS CHALLENGE created by Youtube blogger, TonyaTKO.

The largest component of weight loss program is your diet. So the first step on our journey to better health is detoxing our kitchen of all toxic foods and additives. Please review the video in its entirety. If you have any questions or comments, please add them to the comment section of this post. Let's just do it!!!!

Perfect 10 Fitness Challenge - Preparation

"Embrace the struggle." ~ Carl Daikeler, CEO Beachbody ant Team Beachbody.


Character Corner, in partnership with Character Corner TV and Pink Cotton Entertainment, is kicking the Perfect 10 Fitness Challenge beginning Monday, March 15, 2010. The challenge was created by Youtube blogger, TonyaTko. During the challenge, we will follow her Youtube videos, which will be posted on Character Corner.

Preparation: 1) Record your weight and measurements. 2. Take photos of your beginning weight. 3. Purchase a journal or notebook to record your journey. 4. Review the video below to assist you with your food list.

Blood Type Diet
Dr Lam

D Adamo

TonyaTko List of Daily Fave Foods:
Organic Eggs
Steel Cut Oats
Sprouted Grain Bread
Sprouted Grain Pasta
Organic Brown Rice
Virgin Coconut Oil
Raw Live Coconut (For Milking)
Organic Chicken
Flax Seeds
Collard Greens
Organic Spinach
Organic Baby Carrots
Raw Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar

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Tart Cherries
Acai Berries

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No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD. ~ Isaiah 54:17

In the Youtube video, blogger Neechytv gives a powerful testimony about how listening to the voice of Jehovah saved her life. Following her testimony is the testimony of how God saved two brothers because they too obeyed the voice of the Lord. I pray that your mind, intellect and emotions are blessed and encouraged to seek Jehovah Elohim's face through a personal relationship with Christ Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Timbaland and Drake did the darn thing!! I love it.



It’s what many viewers are calling the Academy Awards' “Kanye moment.”

The win for best documentary short took an odd turn when the film’s producer, Elinor Burkett, grabbed the microphone away from director-producer Roger Ross Williams during the acceptance speech.

Burkett told that the pair have had some issues which she said resulted in Ross no longer speaking to her and her being shut out of events surrounding the Academy Awards.

Burkett would not be denied, however, when it came time to accept the Oscar and she was soon behind Williams when he hot-footed it to the microphone.

Their film, “Music by Prudence,” follows Prudence, a disabled woman in Zimbabwe whose voice has been described as hauntingly beautiful. Part of the strife, Burkett said, was a disagreement over whether the movie should focus on Prudence or the entire band of which she is a part, Liyana.

For his part, Williams told Salon that he was the only one who should have been allowed to speak, and that Burkett was removed as producer a year ago - a point she's sued over.

"The academy is very clear that only one person can speak. I own the film. She has no claim whatsoever," he said. "She has nothing to do with the movie. She just ambushed me. I was sort of in shock."

Bruce Vilanch, head writer for the Oscars, told CNN that because the director ran down so fast, when the (slower) producer of the film finally got down there she was ready for her turn at the microphone.

Burkett said Williams' elderly mother used her cane to block her from following him to the podium.(Source)

SIDEBAR: Where is the outcry from the Academy and white folks about Ms. Elinor Burkett's disrespectful actions? **crickets*** I guess we are even now.

Why can't these folks afford better security around the stage? Blank stare.


Have you noticed that NFL player Michael Jerome Oher Jr., whose life was supposedly depicted by the movie The Blind Side, was visibly missing from the red carpets and the movie promotion? Blank stare. Hmm, something don't smell right in Denmark.

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Marriage [is] honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. ~ Hebrews 13:4

When is too much information too much information? I remember reading an Essence article back in the 90s where Jada Pinkett-Smith admitted with pride that her grandmother taught her to masturbate. Now I don’t know about you, but that was too much information for me.

Then in subsequent interviews, Will and Jada admitted that they have an “open” marriage and Will lets his wife know which women he finds attractive and fantasizes about having sex with. Once again, that’s too much information.

Now we have Golden Globe and Oscar winner Comedian and Talk Show Host, Mo’Nique, on an internationally televised program admits to legendary journalist, Barbara Walters, that she and her husband have an open marriage.

I was done with Mo’Nique when she said this. Your self esteem has to be pretty low if you feel it is okay for your husband to commit adultery.

My question is, why get married? Marriage is sacred. It is not a game. It is a vow between a MAN and WOMAN before God promising to honor and cherishing each other during good times and bad, in sickness and health, until death removes them from the earth. In fact, the Holy Bible clearly tells us that we are to be slow to utter promises or vows before God, but if we do, we must honor them. Ecclesiastes 5: 1-7 reads:

Do not be hasty in word or impulsive in thought to bring up a matter in the presence of God. For God is in heaven and you are on the earth; therefore let your words be few. For the dream comes through much effort and the voice of a fool through many words. When you make a vow to God, do not be late in paying it; for He takes no delight in fools. Pay what you vow! It is better that you should not vow than that you should vow and not pay. Do not let your speech cause you to sin and do not say in the presence of the messenger of God that it was a mistake. Why should God be angry on account of your voice and destroy the work of your hands? For in many dreams and in many words there is emptiness. Rather, fear God.

The Holy Bible, where the institution of marriage and its conditions are established, is clear that we are not to commit adultery, defile the marriage bed or make vows we cannot or will not keep. I strongly advise you to follow Holy Scripture and not the rules of open marriage (or swinging) according evil unbridled lust, low self esteem or Folleywood.


Memo to Benny Hinn: Be a superstar in your own home first.

It seems that the prophets did not let televangelist Benny Hinn know that his wife was filing for divorce. Suzanne Hinn, wife of Pastor Hinn, filed a petition for divorce in Orange County Superior Court on February 1, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple has already separated since January 26 when the divorce petition was filed. The divorce complaint states that Benny Hinn had left his marital home and moved to into a exclusive community near Laguna Beach, California.

Benny Hinn married the former Suzanne Harthern on 4 August 1979. The couple has four children.

Benny Hinn has released the following statement in connection with his pending divorce.


The Spirit of the Lord [is] upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,[to] preach the acceptable year of the Lord. (Luke 4:19)

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The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. (James 5:16)

From Mark 11: 22-24
And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.

For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them

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Tonight, will be the official launch of Character Corner TV on presented by Pink Cotton Entertainment. Special guests will be renowned Altlanta blogger, Michelle Brown aka ATLien, creator and owner of and Aqiyl Qasim creator of Ain't no party like an Attorneymom party. Tune in at 6:00 PM EST on

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Lynette Slaton, mother of three, works the night shift baking bread so she can raise her children by day. She and her husband are committed to working together as a team to raise their children in a loving family.


Destroy the mind and you destroy a generation. Destroy a generation and you destroy a community. Destroy a community and you destroy a nation one mind at a time. -- Attorneymom

Youtube Blogger, Tmotof, outlines the self replicating methods for perpetuating generational curses from one generation to the next. The goal of this evil method of human degradation is to use certain physical and psychological techniques against a race of people in order to ensure that the majority of these people remain in a broken and disadvantaged state, and therefore be of no value to themselves, their family or their community. These psychological stronghold techniques are similar to those set forth in the famous slave master speech by Willie Lynch. (Click here to learn).

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This is why it is so important to respect your elders. In the Youtube video posted below, Comedian Earthquake clowned the legendary Comedian Paul Mooney during a Celebrity Roast and Toast of Comedian John Witherspoon, which aired on TVOne on last year. In the video, Mr. Mooney is clearly upset by Earthquake's disrespectful remarks about his sexuality.

Memo to Earthquake: You are not Richard Pryor. Mr. Mooney paved the way for comedians such as yourself to tell jokes for a living. So show some respect.

In the video posted below, at approximately 5:35, the legendary Comedian Richard Pryor clowns Paul Mooney about being "Miss Thang."


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivers the keynote address during Saviours' Day 2010. This speech took place on February 28th, 2010 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.


Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you. -- Matthew 7:6

According to, the most popular Lil Kim’s fan website, Lil' Kim Zone , has decided to shut down after Lil Kim’s representative lashed out at the site owners for expressing their concerns about Lil Kim’s breached appearance and bizarre behavior. Lil Kim’s fan base strongly feels that little Kim is being brainwashed by incompetent management and thereby hurting her career.

A representative Lil Kim’s camp tweeted the following in response to fans growing dissatisfaction with Lil Kim:

According to, the Lil Kim Zone website team state the following to the blog, Young, Black, And Fabulous:

We all know recently Lil Kim (or Ho Chi Min as you call her lol) has been wearing terrible make up and making bad career choices. So just recently (2-27-10) the fans spoke out on twitter to her assistant and new right-hand man football player Bryant Mckinnie. And they LASHED out at the entire Lil Kim Zone Forum. LilKimZone.Net is the bases of Kim’s hard core fans. We’re not some new fans. We have been holding her down for at least 15 years, and this is the thanks we get? We only expressed how we feel that Kim is the being misled to think she looks ok and it needs to stop. Not only did they get defensive but they got racial, and homophobic.

I send you this email because this needs to be exposed, Kim needs help, this could be the beginning to her intervention. We as the fans honestly believe she is being brain washed, and that she is surrounded by YES men. We dont want her to end up like Michael Jackson or Anna Nicole Smith, because we are lead to believe drugs are involved.

In my almost 42 years of living on this earth, I have learned that no matter how old you are, no matter how much wealth you accumulate or accomplishments you achieve, you must remain teachable. As long as there is breath in your body, you have room for growth and improvement.

The Holy Bible clearly states that only a fool despises wisdom. Wisdom sometimes involves being told things about yourself that you may not like or want to hear, but it is necessary for you to hear them because they will aid you in becoming a better person.

Pride (arrogance) goes before a fall (destruction). Today, it seems that if you correct anyone, especially celebrities, on their destructive behavior, you are automatically labeled a “hater.”

A few weeks ago, I posted a comment on Straight From the A in which I wrote that R&B Singer Monica should stop excessively tattooing her body in order to avoid further sabotaging her career. Like sagging, I said excessively tattooing your body is a sign of mental illness. Okay, perhaps I should not have used those words to describe tattooing, but I wanted to drive home my point.

Well, why did I post that? Since then, it has been a backlash from Monica’s fans and some Attorneymom’s haters that has spanned three different blogs. Over 700 comments telling me I am fat, unhappy, my husband is cheating on me, my children are neglecting, I am not real attorney etc., just because I told Monica to stop tattooing my body.

In a nutshell, at some point, you have to shake the dust off your feet like the fans on Lil Kim Zone website and stop casting your pearls of wisdom before swine – irrational fools who reject wisdom. Remember, don’t give advice (unless asked) because the wise don’t need it and fools won’t use it. Your either wise or a fool at any given time. Selah.

SIDEBAR: Remember when Lil Kim was cute. Sigh!!

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Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him. He also shall be my salvation: for an hypocrite shall not come before him. -- Job 13: 15-16

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