Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Here is another positive tear jerker.
"Four-year-old Campbell McAlmont got the birthday surprise of a lifetime when her mother, an Army captain stationed in Kuwait, made a unexpected visit to Campbell's classroom on her birthday. 'Today' anchor Ann Curry chronicles the heartwarming reunion caught on tape. Campbell reportedly had not seen her mother in six months." (Source)

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Role and Relevance of HBCUs

During a panel discussion sponsored by the Howard University Alumni Club of Atlanta, Munson Steed, CEO of Steed Media Group and a Howard University alumnus, discussed the attack on both HBCUs and Black intellectuals. Mr. Munson makes some great points about how the Hip Hop generation has embraced mediocrity and ignorance to the chagrin of our forefathers [and foremothers].

Still A Need: A Discussion About the Modern Relevance of HBCU's from papa razzi on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


NeNe Leakes explains to Wendy Williams why she decided to quit Celebrity Apprentice. Ms. Leakes says that she is at a place in her life where she cannot surround herself with "toxic people" like Star Jones that sabotage her personal peace and sanity.

Friday, May 06, 2011


Wendy Williams received a very special Mother's Day surprise from her 10-year old son.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms of the world!!!


On May 4, 2011, NeNe Leakes appeared on The Russ Parr Morning Show and was grilled by the females co-hosts about being a bully.

Thanks to Straightfromthea.com for posting this interview.

Monday, April 25, 2011


From Wpix.com

SPRING VALLEY, NY (PIX11) -- The screams of anger rose above the cries of grief outside the Spring Valley funeral home where services were held for the three children who drowned with their mother, Lashanda Armstrong, after she drove her minivan into the Hudson River.

Armstrong’s cousin said she was outraged she was not allowed to attend the funeral arranged by the father, Jean Pierre, who relatives said they invited only 18 members of the mother's family.

Gwendolen Green shouted, "We're standing outside while they're escorting his side of the family inside. We're somebody, we do matter," she exclaimed. She was quietly escorted away by police.

She said there is so much tension between the families, "you can cut through it with a knife." But the turmoil between the two families didn't overshadow the solemnity of a funeral for three small children whose lives were cut so short.

On April 12th, following an argument with the children's father, the 25-year-old mother loaded her four children into a minivan and drove down a ramp in Newburgh into the murky waters of the Hudson River. 5-year-old Landen, 2-year-old Lance and little Lainaina, one week short of her first birthday, drowned with their mother. Their 10-year-old sibling, Lashaun Armstrong, survived after getting out an open side window and swimming to shore.

The father insisted that the children be eulogized and buried separately from their mother, who was buried ten miles away last week.

Her distraught mother was at her grandchildren's funeral and was embraced by tearful relatives and friends. Before Gwendolen Green was ejected, she got to view the children laid out in white caskets. "They looked beautiful," she cried. "The boys were dressed in blue suits, the girl in a pretty white Easter dress." (Source)

SIDEBAR: I don't know where to begin with commenting on Mr. Jean Pierre's cruel actions towards his deceased baby mama's family. Lashanda Armstrong's family stated that Mr. Pierre was mentally abusive towards her and did not provide for his children. Blank stare.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Phylicia Barnes' Body Found

It is with deep sadness for me to post that the body of Phylicia Barnes has been found.

According to Ajc.com,

The search for Phylicia Barnes, a missing teenager with metro Atlanta ties, came to a tragic conclusion Thursday when her body was found in a Maryland River. The discovery ends the search phase of the case and begins the investigation into who killed her.

The chief medical examiner's office confirmed that the body, found floating in the Susquehanna River near the Conowingo Dam, is Barnes.

Two Maryland State Troopers recovered a body of an unidentified woman around 10 a.m. Wednesday and then were contacted about a second body, this time of an unidentified male, around 2 p.m., state police said. Troopers were alerted to the area by some people who were working on the dam, state police said.

Maryland State Police have 12 homicide investigators working with Baltimore police on the investigation, Maryland State Police Superintendent Col. Terrence Sheridan said Thursday.

"We're not going to spare any expense to try to find out what happened to these two people," he said. "It's going to take a lot of work." (Source)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lord, Why Did You Make Me Black? by RuNett Nia Ebo

Lord, Lord,

Why did You make me Black?
Why did You make someone
The world wants to hold back?

Black is the color of dirty clothes;
The color of grimy hands and feet.
Black is the color of darkness;
The color of tire-beaten streets.

Why did You give me thick lips,
A broad nose and kinky hair?
Why did You make me someone
Who receives the hatred stare?

Black is the color of the bruised eye
When someone gets hurt.
Black is the color of darkness,
Black is the color of dirt.

How come my bone structure's so thick;
My hips and cheeks are high?
How come my eyes are brown
And not the color of the daylight sky?

Why do people think I'm useless?
How come I feel so used?
Why do some people see my skin
And think I should be abused?

Lord, I just don't understand.
What is it about my skin?
Why do some people want to hate me
And not know the person within?

Black is what people are "listed",
When others want to keep them away.
Black is the color of shadows cast.
Black is the end of the day.

Lord, You know, my own people mistreat me
And I know this just isn't right.
They don't like my hair or the way I look.
They say I'm too dark or too light.

Lord, don't You think it's time
For You to make a change?
Why don't You re-do creation
And make everyone the same?


Why did I make you Black?
Why did I make you Black?

Get off your knees and look around.
Tell Me, what do you see?
I didn't make you in the image of darkness,
I made you in the Likeness of ME!

I made you the color of coal
From which beautiful diamonds are formed.
I made you the color of oil,
The Black Gold that keeps people warm.

I made you from the rich, dark earth
That can grow the food you need.
Your color's the same as the panther's
Known for (HER) beauty and speed.

Your color's the same as the Black stallion,
A majestic animal is he.
I didn't make you in the Image of darkness.
I made you in likeness of ME!

All the colors of a Heavenly Rainbow
Can be found throughout every nation;
And when all of those colors were blended well,

Your hair is the texture of lamb's wool.
Such a humble, little creature is he.
I am the Shepherd who watches them.
I am the One who will watch over thee.

You are the color of midnight sky.
I put the stars' glitter in your eyes.
There is a smile hidden behind your pain.
That's why your cheeks are so high.

You are the color of dark clouds formed
When I send My strongest weather.
I made your lips full so when you kiss
The one that you love, they will remember.

Your stature is strong; your bone structure, thick
To withstand the burdens of time.
The reflection you see in the mirror...
The image looking back at you is MINE.

RuNett Nia Ebo
Copyright © 1994
All Rights Reserved
Used By Permission


From TheRoot.com
[Rev.] Al Sharpton and [Dr.] Cornel West went head-to-head over the issue of black leadership Sunday night on MSNBC’s The Black Agenda special.

Sharpton’s position is that most black leaders, except for Obama, are silently doing nothing for the black community, while West calls Obama maybe no more than a “black mascot” for the wealthy.

These two have been going at it for some time, but this debate got especially heated.

From Sharpton: “Too many of us are putting it all on the President, if I see a [Paul] Ryan in Congress, where is the counterpoint to Ryan? That’s not President Obama’s job . . . He shouldn’t lead the civil rights marches against himself. Everybody’s sitting around acting like we can’t do anything, Obama’s going to do it. That’s hogwash.” (Source)

Saturday, April 09, 2011


Here we ago again.

Another male celebrity has thrown his hat into the relationship advice game - giving advice to women which excuses infidelity committed by their male partners. Blank stare.

In his new book entitled "How to Get Out of Your Own Way," R&B singer, songwriter, actor Tyrese Gibson says that it is expected for men to cheat and women should accept it and now own the cheat.

When Wendy Williams asked if he would accept cheating by his next wife, Mr. Gibson said no. Blank stare again.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


During an interview with Today Show's host Meredith Vieira, comedic icon Bill Cosby said that business icon Donald Trump should "run or shut up."

It will be interesting to hear The Donald's response to Mr. Cosby's campaign advice.

Malcolm X's daughters unhappy with new book

SIDEBAR: Author Manning Marable died shortly before the release of his controversial book about our beloved Civil Rights Icon El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (aka Malcolm X). I initially read about his book on Bossip.com. After reading about its content, I am definitely not interested in reading this book. Next.

From Yahoo.com

NEW YORK – Two of Malcolm X's daughters are unhappy that a new biography alleges their parents' marriage was strained and that their mother — and possibly their father — were unfaithful.

The marriage "was definitely faithful and devoted because my father was a man of impeccable integrity, and I think that most people, if they're not clear on anything, they're clear that he was moral and ethical and had impeccable character," Ilyasah Shabazz said Wednesday.

Ilyasah and Malaak Shabazz spoke to The Associated Press about "Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention." Author Manning Marable, a highly respected scholar who worked for more than 20 years on the book, died last week of complications of pneumonia just before publication. Malcolm X's daughters did not speak to Marable for the book, which draws upon thousands of interviews, government documents and private papers.

While both sisters acknowledged they have yet to read the book, they questioned reports about the contents. Marable had intended "Malcolm X" as a tribute to the slain activist's life and influence, but he also wanted to avoid portraying him as "a saint, without the normal contradictions and blemishes that all human beings have," as the historian wrote in the introduction.

Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965. His wife, Betty Shabazz, died in 1997 after one of her grandchildren set fire to her apartment.

The book alleges that parts of "The Autobiography of Malcolm X," a classic released after Malcolm X's death that sold more than 1 million copies, were inaccurate. For instance, Marable questions details of Malcolm X's early life as a criminal, writing that Malcolm likely exaggerated his wrongdoings. Questions about the autobiography's accuracy have been raised for decades, and Marable addresses questions about the book's co-writer, Alex Haley, who many believe left out or softened Malcolm's more radical political views in the last couple of years of his life.

He also looks into Malcolm X's more controversial words and actions, including a meeting with members of the Ku Klux Klan in the early 1960s. At the time, he was a high-ranking member of the Nation of Islam and had discussed with the Klan the possibility of the nation purchasing land for blacks to live on. Malcolm X would later express regret, although Marable still called the meeting "despicable."

Marable subtitled the book "A Life of Reinvention" in part because Malcolm X acknowledged mistakes and transformed and transcended himself, from street hustler and convict to black separatist of fierce anti-white opinions to political and social activist seeking to work with all races, worldwide. His marriage, however, was widely seen as steady, close and supportive, especially as dramatized by Denzel Washington and Angela Bassett in Spike Lee's movie "Malcolm X." Shabazz herself would remember her years with Malcolm as "hectic, beautiful and unforgettable — the greatest thing in my life."

Malcolm X married Betty Sanders, a nurse and fellow member of the Nation of Islam, in 1958. They had six children. According to the book, the marriage was often tense, in part because of Malcolm's wish to have a traditional, subservient Muslim wife and because he was away so often and his life was often threatened. There were problems of emotional and physical intimacy. Marable includes a letter from Malcolm to Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad that offers a blunt account of their home life, with Malcolm reporting that his wife believed they were "incompatible sexually." Malcolm also tells Muhammad that Betty had threatened to "seek satisfaction elsewhere."

Marable writes that Betty became involved in 1964 with Charles Kenyatta, a close associate of Malcolm's. Malcolm, too, may have had affairs, although the evidence is uncertain. He knew of the relationship between his wife and Kenyatta, according to the book, and "the news of infidelity seems to have loosened Malcolm's own marital bonds."

Malaak Shabazz said there "may have been a little bit of stress, like any marriage," but that "there was really no times for shenanigans. She raised the children at home; he worked on a global level."

Viking spokeswoman Carolyn Coleburn said the publisher had no comment about the daughters' criticisms. (Source)

Attalah Shabazz Confronts Minister Louis Farrakhan about her Father's Assassination


Wednesday, April 06, 2011


To my surprise, Talk Show Queen Wendy Williams was eliminated from Season 12 of Dancing With The Star.

Tvsquad.com writes:

"Even though Kirstie Alley took a big tumble during this week's performances, it was another unsurprising elimination on 'Dancing With the Stars,' as Wendy Williams exited the show.

After awkwardly clomping her way across the ballroom floor for three weeks without ever scoring anything above a six, she surely saw it coming. Then again, it may have taken some time for her ego to catch up with the rest of us.

Monday night, Wendy's weak routine to the little-known '80s tune 'Last Night a DJ Saved My Life' fell flat, and her uninspiring story of how badly she wanted to become famous felt shallow among an evening of emotionally charged tales of love and loss from the other contestants." (Source)
I must admit that Wendy is not a graceful ballroom dancer but I thought her popularity would have kept her in the competition much longer.

I admittedly only watched DWTS because Wendy Williams was a contestant. I will miss her behind the scenes videos and scoop. However, I am sure that her swollen feet are happy about her elimination.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Simple Secrets of Happy People ~ David Niven

~ You are not just here to fill space or be a background character in someone else's movie. Consider this: nothing would be the same if you did not exist. Every place you have ever been and everyone you have ever spoken to would be different without you. We are all connected, and we are all affected by the decisions and even the existence of those around us.

~ We assume that happy and unhappy people are born that way. But both kinds of people do things that create and reinforce their moods. Happy people let themselves be happy. Unhappy people continue doing things that upset them.

~ Ultra competitive people, who always need to win, end up enjoying things less. If they lose they are very disappointed, and if they win it's what they expected would happen anyway.

~ You are not just the size of your bank account, the neighborhood you live in, or the type of work you do. You are, just like everyone else, an almost inconceivably complicated mix of abilities and limitations.

~ Relationships are built on mutual appreciation, and there is no better way to show that appreciation than to tell someone how much you care.

~ Don't write yourself off. If you don't believe in yourself, you won't be able to function.

~ Even if you are right, there is nothing to be gained from letting yourself become adversarial with your loved ones. Remember how much more important these people are to you than is the issue you are talking about.

~ Animals have so much to teach us about love. The closer we get to animals, the more they give us.

~ Don't skimp on sleep. A full night's rest is fuel for the following day. Rested people feel they work better and are more comfortable when the day is over.

~ Whether you are at home, in the workplace, or among friends, be the person who exudes optimism, and you will find it reflected right back at you.

~ Make it easy for people to deal with you. Don't be angry or disruptive merely because you can.

~ When you have chosen reasonable, meaningful, and aligned goals, pursue them with all your heart.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Teacher Mocks 7-Year-Old's Hairstyle on Facebook

SIDEBAR: I do not know who I am more mad at the teacher for her poor behavior or the mother for putting Jolly Ranchers in her daughter's hair. Blank stare.

From Chicagotribune.com
It began with a 7-year-old asking her mother to tie colorful Jolly Rancher candies to the ends of her braids, copying a hairstyle she had admired in a magazine, for school picture day.

But the girl's mother said a teacher posted pictures of the second-grader on Facebook, then led online friends in mocking the hairdo. Now Chicago Public Schools said it's investigating.

The Overton Elementary School principal "said this was a good teacher, but this was a case of poor judgment," said CPS spokeswoman Monique Bond. "It will warrant disciplinary action."

Lucinda Williams said that after she complained to the principal, the teacher apologized and told her she had taken down the page.

But, "what bothers me is that (the teacher) still hasn't apologized to my baby," she said. "No child should have to go to school to be bullied by their teacher."

Williams said she was told about the Facebook posting March 24 by another Overton parent whose child is "friends" with the teacher on the social networking site. The parent saved the pictures and comments to a CD and emailed them to Williams.

Two photos were posted — a side shot of the girl and another of the back of her head — with the comment, "And y'all thought I was joking!"

Others wrote back: "If you're going to make your child look ridiculous, the least you can do is have them matching," and, "I laughed so hard that my contact popped out."

The girl said teachers complimented her hair when she was at school, so when the computer lab teacher said, "My husband's not going to believe this," and asked the girl if she could take a picture using a cellphone, the girl complied.

Now, she thinks maybe the teacher just didn't like the "Jolly Rancher" look.

"I feel sad that she put my picture on Facebook," she said. "I don't think she liked it." (Source)

Paterson Teacher's Facebook comments prompt parents to remove children from class

From Northjersey.com
Paterson parents converged on an elementary school this week demanding that their children be pulled from a class taught by a teacher who allegedly described herself as a "warden" overseeing "future criminals" on her Facebook page.

District officials suspended the first-grade teacher at School 21 in an attempt to quell outrage that nonetheless continued Friday.

District officials confirmed the teacher, identified by several sources as Jennifer Schmid O'Brien, has been suspended with pay and that an investigation into the comments is under way.

Theodore Best, the school board president, said a "significant" number of parents, having seen the posts Wednesday, arrived at the school to remove their children from her class.

On Friday, parents retrieving children at dismissal said they were dumbfounded, angered and disheartened by the comments, and believed the teacher was unfit to remain in the classroom. Some children exiting the school didn't believe it and thought it was an April Fools' joke.(Source)


Nicki Ninja Turtle's ghost writer finally has an answer for Lil Kim's Black Friday and it is both tragic and wack.

I really hope Ninja Turtle's 15 minutes of fame will expire soon.

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Friday, April 01, 2011


This is the preview of BET's "A Family Affair," a new reality show starring Antonia "Toya" Carter (former star of "Tiny and Toya") and her family.

All I can say is "Wow!"

Hand claps to Straightfromthea.com for posting these videos.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


From CNN.com
Schenectady, New York (CNN) -- Seven New Yorkers claimed a $319 million jackpot in the multistate Mega Millions lottery Thursday.

The Albany seven, as they are being called, are co-workers at New York state's Division of Housing and Community Renewal, where they have been playing the lottery for years in an office pool.

Sharing the winning ticket were John Hilton, 57, John Kutey, 54, Gabrielle Mahar, 29, Tracy Sussman, 41, Kristin Baldwin, 42, Leon Peck, 62, and Mike Barth, 63.

Barth said another customer cut in front of him as he reached for a Snickers candy bar before buying the ticket at Coulson's News store in Albany. That customer bought a lottery ticket, he said.

"I thought about saying something, but let it slide," he said. "I behaved myself." The next ticket purchased at the store was the winning ticket, he said.

The group chose the cash option, so they are receiving a one-time, lump-sum payment of $202.9 million.

After taxes, each will pocket over $19 million.

Winning numbers in the Friday night drawing were 22, 24, 31, 52 and 54. The Mega Ball number was 4. (Source)


From Good Morning Amercia
A video of the 18-month-old fraternal twin boys babbling in the kitchen has set the Internet abuzz with millions of people wondering what the diaper-clad tots are talking about.

The boys appear to be having a grown-up conversation complete with questions, answers, facial expressions and gestures -- even the odd laugh -- all while standing next to their refrigerator. One of the boys is missing a sock.

"That seems to be the prevailing thought, that it's about the missing sock," the twins' mother, Abby McEntee of Brooklyn, N.Y., said today on "Good Morning America."

"It's a mystery. ... They've been talking just little babble for a number of months now. Usually it's near the end of the day when they start these conversations with one another."

The twin-talk video, posted by dad Randy McEntee one month ago, now has more than 5 million views on YouTube.

"A couple of days ago, [the video] was at 2,000 hits because we just showed it to our friends and family," Randy McEntee said. "It's been a crazy couple of days." (Source)


In the Youtube video posted by Straightfromthea.com, the Braxton sisters and their mom discuss Braxton Family Values.

Braxton Family Values is the new reality series that will chronicle the lives of Grammy-winning artist Toni Braxton and her sisters, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar — and their beautiful mother, Evelyn Braxton. We will see the women navigate through sibling rivalry, man drama, bankruptcy, a DUI and much more! Will their super-close sisterly bond and unconditional love get them through the trials and tribulations of life in the fab lane?

Braxton Family Values premieres April 12th at 9/8 c on WE tv.

Sidebar: I always wanted biological sisters. If I had sisters, we would be just like the Braxtons. Close and loving. However, I do thank God for my spoiled baby brother. We are very close.


DONATE TO THE NATE DOGG MEMORIAL TRUST FUND!! ~ 100% of ALL donations will be given to Nate Dogg's family. Nathaniel "Nate Dogg" Hale is survived by his mother Ruth Holmes; father, Daniel Hale Sr.; sisters Pamela Hale-Burns and LaTonia Hale-Watkins; brothers Samuel Hale, Emmanuel Hale and Daniel Hale Jr., and six children.


Legendary Hip Hop crooner Nate Dogg was laid to rest on Saturday, March 26th, 2011. Several of music industries greatest attended the funeral including the Gospel sister-duo of Mary Mary.

According Wsj.com (yes, the Wall Street Journal), Erica and Tina Campbell sang at Nate Dogg's funeral.
“We don’t agree with everything that he sang but I liked his voice,” Tina Campbell said. “There are artists that don’t sing that what I sing about and they don’t promote the kind of message that I promote, but if I look at just their artistry, some of them are really talented people.”

“Lyrical content? Ahh, maybe not. They way they put it together? Profound.” (Source)
Sidebar: Why do Christians feel that they have to explain why they respect someone else's talent who is not a Gospel singer? Blank stare. Have they heard Contemporary Gospel music lately? That (Contemporary Gospel music) is what they should be explaining.

RIP Nate Dogg. You will be missed for real.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Please hit me with a wet noodle. I can't believe this mess. Pole Dancing for Jesus??? Are these women serious???

If you want to pole dance, please leave Jesus out of it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


According to Bossip.com, radio personality icon Tom Joyner and Rapper Foxy Brown are at oddds with each other and the alleged reason behind the beef is shocking.

The website is reporting that "Ill Nana" was removed from the "Fantastic Voyage" cruise ship when she saw (and laughed at) Joyner conversing with a unknown "How U Doing" male in the hallway of the ship around 4 am.

The recent – and somewhat surprising – beef between Brooklyn rap diva Foxy Brown and radio vet Tom Joyner may go deeper than what fans have seen so far.

According to our source, as Foxy herself stated via Twitter, the very notion that Tom Joyner’s staff had to kick the rapper off of his Fantastic Voyage cruise is a fabrication.

“Foxy was never contracted to be on the ship for the duration of the cruise,” the source tells BOSSIP. “She was scheduled to leave the cruise on Friday morning, having performed on Thursday night.”

The source reveals that what lies behind Tom Joyner’s allegations that Foxy became too difficult to deal with is what the rapper saw as she made her way back to her cabin around 4am Friday morning.

Foxy allegedly spotted Joyner in the hallway, embroiled in a very private conversation with a man who looked “suspect,” shall we say. Foxy, who had some remaining tension with Tom from their recent interview, made her presence known by bursting into laughter.

Foxy left the ship at 7am, and that afternoon, Tom was on air saying that the the known drama queen had to be put off the ship.

But as our informant points out, Joyner has yet to reveal exactly how Foxy was “acting a fool”?

Was this a preemptive strike on Tom’s part to discredit anything Foxy might have to say? (Source)
Joyner, who is married to Fitness Guru Donna Richardson Joyner, has always had a "twang" in his voice but I contributed it to him being from the country and not a homosexual. Of course, anything goes these days.


From AJC.com
WEST POINT, Ga. -- Two police officers are under investigation after dashcam video caught them using excessive force on a teenager.

It all began on East Ninth Street in West Point last month after 17-year-old Ciara Flemister began recording the arrest of her cousin. Police were arresting him after complaints of loud music.

The officer's dashcam video shows Flemister walking close to where officers had detained her cousin.

The video shows Flemister screaming, "Don't touch me, don't touch me. Get off me," as two officers wrestle her onto a patrol car. You then see an officer raise his elbow and then slam it onto the teen's head.

Seconds later, the video shows a second officer grabbing Flemister's hair and yanking her head down as she screams in pain. Flemister told Channel 2's Tom Jones that she doesn't remember much of the force.

"I just remember my face being slammed down into the car," she said.

West Point's Police Chief J.K. Cato called the force by both officers excessive.

"At that point, she was restrained and that blow was not called for," Cato said.

But the officers aren't the only ones accused of wrongdoing. Flemister faces felony obstruction of an officer and battery charges.

Police said the dashcam video shows the teen hitting an officer after she gets too close to officers arresting her cousin. Cato said that's why she was arrested. (Source)
SIDEBAR: The teen did not seem to be too close to the arrest. However, if an officer tells you to move from a particular location, then you should do so. Otherwise, you will be arrested for obstruction of justice and/or punched in the face. Blank stare.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


From Thewrap.com
Hip-hop crooner Nate Dogg was memorialized at a funeral service in his native Long Beach on Saturday. The service, which began at 10 a.m., drew a crowd of approxmiately 1,500, many of whom waited to enter in the damp morning weather.

The assemblage comprised family, friends and a select number of fans on hand to see off the singer, whose real name was Nathaniel D. Hale. His longtime friends and collaborators Snoop Dogg, Warren G and The Game were among the prominent attendees Hale, 41, died on March 15 due to complications from multiple strokes. He is best known for "Regulate," his 1995 collaboration with Warren G.

At the ceremony, the Game noted that Hale's untimely passing should serve as a wake-up call about the fleeting nature of life.

"The world has lost something and someone special. It's just a sad day and a reminder that we can be here one day and gone the next. A reminder that we all should embrace each day and cherish life," he said, according to the Press-Telegram.

The funeral service, which was held at the Queen Mary Dome -- a former warehouse that was once home to Howard Hughes' famed Spruce Goose plane -- was originally intended to be public, but city officials, fearing that the crowd would be too large, nixed the plans. Instead, 1,000 fans were offered tickets to the funeral on Friday on a first-call basis.

A public viewing for the singer was also held on Friday, at the New Hope Baptist Church in Long Beach, where Hale had once sung in the choir. As with the funeral, no cameras were allowed at the viewing. (Source)


Unless you have been living under a rock or don't give two cents about popular culture, you have heard about Chris Brown's angry outburst on Good Morning America after being questioned about the "Rhianna incident" by Robin Roberts.

Brown appeared on GMA earlier this week to promote his new album entitled F.A.M.E.. However, Roberts awkwardly asked Brown several questions in two different parts of the interview about the beatdown.

I have always stated that Chris Brown should fire his management and PR team. These folks have not been doing a very good job growing Chris Brown's career. They are clearly gutter thinkers. If you don't believe me, just look at Chris Brown's appearance lately. Enough said.

A good publicist or manager would have prepared Brown on how to handle the "Rhianna" questions or set the perimeters of the interview to block any "Rhi Rhi" questions in the first place. Clearly, none of these actions were taken by the Brown team. And for this breach of Career Management 101, Chris Brown should get a new management team, especially a group that knows what the **** they are doing.

Well, it seems that I am not the only one who thinks that Chris Brown's management team needs to be given pink slips. Jay Smooth, the guy in the video, agrees with me and does a great job of putting the Chris Brown outburst in perspective.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Youtube Blogger Livvey recently interviewed Shannon Burton, owner of Green Tye LLC. Green Tye is an online solar power store that provides solar powered backpacks, ovens, lights, freezers and refrigerators.

The company website (www.greentye.com) also provides valuable job links and links to resource centers available to educate the World about solar power.

Shannon's ultimate goal is to tye the world together by going green using professional team product licensing, college bookstore inventories, a reality show and electronic gaming.

You can also follow Shannon Burton on Twitter @GREENTYEceo or visit www.greentye.com.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Shannon on Character Corner Radio. Click here to listen to the interview.


I just learned from the Facebook page of Atlanta Comedian Cadillac Kimberly that Soror Rashan Ali is leaving V-103 just after one year of co-hosting with Ryan Cameron.

According to AJC.com:
She said she’d like to pursue a full-time career on television. V-103 decided not to renew her contract after her last one was up. But they did allow her to announce her departure on air, which isn’t all that common in this day and age.

“It had been toiling in my heart for a month,” she said in an interview after the show. “We just decided it would be best on both ends. It’s all in positivity. I can walk away with my head held high.”

After having a baby, Ali came back to radio last year excited for the opportunity to reunite with Ryan Cameron, who helped get her on radio in the first place. The pair worked for several years on Hot 107.9. After Cameron left for V-103 in 2004, she stayed behind to host the morning show. She lost her job at Hot in 2009 after the station opted for a syndicated Rickey Smiley show.

“It was the most obvious place for me to go” after Hot, she said a year ago. “It fit so perfectly.”

In a poll I posted at the time, an impressive 82 percent liked the reunion.

But she said today that her passion for radio wasn’t quite there as it had before. “I have to do what makes me smile,” she said. “I have to go at TV full speed ahead. Ryan is my mentor and my big brother. He’s been supportive.”

[UPDATE 11 p.m. March 24: I've heard from two inside sources that Ali wanted the mid-day job Ramona Debreaux ended up getting and was not happy when she didn't get it. I have not heard back from Ali about whether that factored into her decision-making.]

[UPDATE: noon, March 25: I hear that Elle Duncan is set to return to Cameron's afternoon show to replace Rashan. Elle's brief foray in the mornings, I fathom, may not have worked out so well. Curiously, Elle was on this morning. Wanda Smith was not. If this actually does happen, it would be Elle's third move in two years. She had already gone from Ryan's show to mid-days to mornings in relatively quick fashion.]

On air, Ali dismissed a rumor. “No, I’m not going to ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ ” Ali said at 5:46 p.m. today on air. “My husband said no three years ago. Then they said no to me!”

She said she is doing some substitute hosting on WXIA-TV’s “Atlanta & Company” April 15 and 18 and some NBA-related TV work.

Today was her last day.(Source)
SIDEBAR: I don't know what is going on with V-103 but I pray that they get some stability amongst their morning and afternoon line-up real soon.

Dear V-103: If you need a new and fresh on-air radio personality, please holla at me. I can be reached at info@pinkcottonent.com.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yesterday, Chris Brown, who appeared on Good Morning America to promote his new album, became irate after being grilled by Robert Roberts about the aftermath of the Rhianna incident.

According to TMZ.com,

We're told after the interview, Brown freaked out, storming into his dressing room and screaming so loud, the people in hair and makeup became alarmed and called security.

We're told Brown was out of control, and one source present tells us he smashed a window in his dressing room, and the glass shattered and some shards fell onto 43rd and Broadway. ABC security tells TMZ ... the window was shattered with a chair.
According to Straightfromthea.com, "Roberts insists both she and other “GMA” staff members spoke with Chris before the interview and asked if it would be OK to fire off “a few questions” about the Rihanna incident … and Chris approved."

Brown should fire his entire PR and management team. At this point in his career, they should be able to set the perimeters for any questions that Chris Brown is asked during the interview.

Roberts is a journalists so she will ask pressing or controversial questions. She is suppose to. However, Brown's PR team should have "schooled" her before his interview.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Albert Manzo, husband of Bravo's Real Housewives of New Jersey Caroline Manzo, resigned from his position as a commissioner on the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission on Monday. Click here to read Manzo’s resignation letter!

According to Examiner.com, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie suspended Manzo and Michael T. Cricco, who worked for the New Jersey Schools Development Authority, on March 17th and threatened to file ethics charges unless the pair stepped down by this past Monday.

The Governor cited Manzo, co-owner of The Brownstone in Paterson, for telling officials during his nomination process that he lived at his place of business and for failing to reveal that he owned a home in Franklin Lakes. "That misleading information, Christie reportedly said, enabled Albert Manzo to avoid scrutiny and a possible senatorial veto during his nomination hearing."

Last month, Gov. Christie demanded that the seven commissioners at the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission provide detailed information on hiring and compensation practices to determine whether these practices played a role in the hiring of family members for various postions.

Since taking office in 2010, Christie has sought to vastly expand his control over agencies like the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission and the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners. Christie has dubbed those and other autonomous agencies “shadow governments” that operate with little oversight, their budgets bloated by political patronage.

Christie wants the state Legislature to give him veto authority over agency minutes so he could block any appointments or any spending he deems wasteful. But so far, the Democratically controlled Legislature has refused to grant him the authority. (Source)
The commission is based in Wanaque in Passaic County and oversees the largest water supply system in the state, according to its website.

SIDEBAR: Manzo's resignation letter has The Brownstone's address on the letterhead. Blank stare

According to NYDaileyNews, Manzo's father, Albert (Tiny) Manzo, was executed mob-style in August 1983, after he and Gambino family soldier Peter A. Campisi were suspected of skimming from a mob casino on Staten Island.
A couple of weeks later, they found Tiny Manzo in the trunk of his car," recalled Robert Buccino, a New Jersey organized crime expert.

The 350-pound mobster took four slugs to his torso. His naked body - the arms and legs bound in plastic - was discovered in the trunk of his parked Lincoln-Continental outside a supermarket in Hillside, N.J.

The killing was never solved.

Campisi, a made man and Tiny's partner in the casino, suffered a similar fate, Buccino recalled.(Source)


As some of you Twitter addicts know, I have been attempting to get Eric Williams on Character Corner Radio for the past week.

For those of you who refuse to watch reality shows, Eric Williams is the husband of Jennifer Williams, who is one of the stars of VH1's Basketball Wives. Jennifer was the only Basketball Wife on the show who was actually married. Eric and Jennifer are currently in the process of divorcing and the demise of their marriage was captured on Seasons 1 and 2 of Basketball Wives.

Out of all the reality show husbands, Eric Williams is by far the most polished and interesting. His swagger game is on point. If you did not know him when he played for the Boston Celtics, you will definitely know him now as a successful and smart businessman.

Last week, Mr. Williams was interviewed by Philly's Power 99's DJ Jonesy. During his interview, he discussed his failed marriage, Evelyn, food stamps and most importantly, protecting your assets. Click here for the interview.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Farrakhan To President Obama: "Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?"

During an appearance on WVON-AM 1690 Chicago radio show hosted by Cliff Kelly, Minister Louis Farrakhan warned President Barack Obama to not allow wicked demons (Translation: Western bankers) to influence him into taking military action against Libya's leader Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi.

From Hapblog.com
FARRAKHAN: "I warn my brother do you let these wicked demons move you in a direction that will absolutely ruin your future with your people in Africa and throughout the world...Why don't you organize a group of respected Americans and ask for a meeting with Qaddafi, you can't order him to step down and get out, who the hell do you think you are?" (Source)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Georgia girl gets hit by a truck to save sister

Sidebar: What a brave little girl. Let's continue to keep Anaiah Rucker in our prayers.

A fund in Anaiah Rucker’s name has been established at Madison’s United Bank, 256 North Main Street Madison, GA 30650-1313, Telephone:(706) 342-7211, to help the child with medical expenses.

From ABClocal.go.com
SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. (KABC) -- A young girl nearly died trying to save her younger sister,

Now the 9-year-old is being hailed as a hero for her actions. Anaiah Rucker and her sister Camry were walking across the street to catch their school bus when they were hit by a pickup truck.

Anaiah said she looked both ways before crossing, but because it was raining she couldn't really see. But she saw the truck just in time to push her sister out of the way.

"I seen my daughter kind of snatch my 5-year-old back," said mother Andrea Taylor. "And if it wasn't for that, my 5-year-old would have- I don't think she would have made it."

Anaiah nearly died trying to save her sister. She suffered a broken neck, lost a kidney, has spleen damage and broke both legs, one of which had to be amputated. (Source)

Pastor's Tweets Lead To DA Investigation Of DeKalb Bishop

Bishop Johnathan Alvardo

Pastor Shaun King

A Fox 5 (Atlanta) story concerning the investigation by the DeKalb County DA into possible child molestation allegations against Bishop Johnathan Alvarado, Pastor of Total Grace Christian Center, has been removed its website.

From LipstickAlley.com
The DeKalb County district attorney's office is now investigating the claims made by Pastor Shaun King that Bishop Jonathan Alvarado molested children in his congregation. As reported by FOX 5 out of Atlanta, there is now an active criminal investigation under way by persecutors

The D.A.'s office says it is looking into allegations that Bishop Johnathan Alvarado had inappropriate contact with underage children. The D.A.'s office says although this is not a formal investigation it has begun questioning a number of people with ties to the church.

The Crimes Against Children Review began when the D.A.'s office learned about a series of tweets on a Twitter page belonging to a former pastor at the church.

The pastor was critical of Bishop Alvarado and the tweets suggest there was sexual misconduct involving the bishop and young people once connected to the church.”

Both Pastor King and his wife has posted in intricate details why they feel this investigation is long overdue. It is important to note that Pastor King has worked in close proximity to Bishop Alvarado, and claims to speak from firsthand knowledge to the abuse of children by Bishop Alvarado.

In his most recent Tweet on March 14, 2011 Pastor King said the following:

“Question: How could it be that Atlanta simultaneously leads the nation in child sex trafficking AND in mega churches? I now have an answer. It's going to hurt. You need to hear it and then we need to do something about it. I'm in tears as I type this. When some of Atlanta's most prominent pastors are molesting and throwing away boys like garbage, 2 things happen....

#1. A pastor that molests children directly and indirectly creates the culture of Atlanta where the mistreatment of children is so easy.

#2. A pastor that rapes boys WILL never take a stand against the trafficking of children. Trafficking exists when strong voices are silent."

As report by FOX 5 - The D.A.'s office says although this is not a formal investigation it has begun questioning a number of people with ties to the church. The Crimes against Children Review began when the D.A.'s office learned about a series of tweets on a Twitter page belonging to a former pastor at the church. The pastor was critical of Bishop Alvarado and the tweets suggest there was sexual misconduct involving the bishop and young people once connected to the church.
Sidebar: I am not sure why the above article was removed from the news website but thank goodness for Lipstickalley.com. :-)

According to a recent tweet from Pastor King, there have been many threats made against him since the story was reported by Fox 5 Atlanta. "More threats. I knew this was possible when I took a stand. Standing for kids & victims and against evil is worth it. Harder than expected."

If the allegations of child molestations allegations against Pastor Alvardo are true, I hope he is brought to justice.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Sidebar: I am so sad to about the passing of Rapper Nate Dogg. This news comes days after I learned a former high school classmate has passed away. Both were in their early 40s.
From MTV.com

Singer Nate Dogg [whose real name is Nathaniel Dwayne Hale] has passed away at the age of 41. According to family members, the singer passed late last night. The news was initially reported by Long Beach, Calif. newspaper the Press-Telegram. While the cause of his death remains unclear the infamous hook singer had been recovering from two massive strokes he suffered over the past years.

The Long Beach native made a name for himself in the rap game on Dr. Dre’s classic album The Chronic followed by a breakthrough performance alongside Warren G on the smash record "Regulate." Nate went on to release numerous solo albums including G-Funk Classics Vol. 1 & 2 followed up in late 2001 with Music & Me and the latest self-titled solo album Nate Dogg. Nate also made a scene stealing appearance on producer Mark Ronson’s "Ooh Wee" that also featured Ghostface Killah. (Source)

This song is dedicated to Nate Dogg. RIP.

WHO ARE YOU? by Iyanla Vanzant

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eric Williams of Vh1 Basketball Wives Speaks With Charlamagne

Former NBA player Eric Williams, soon to be ex-husband of Jennifer Williams, paid a visit to Power 105 Breakfast Club to talk about Basketball Wives and the knot on his head.

During his interview, Mr. Williams explained that the infamous keloid (which has been a trending topic on Twitter) on his forehead formed after he was stabbed in his head as a youth. Besides the keloid, Eric has nerve damage on the left side of his head. (Sidebar: The assailant was never apprehended or brought to justice because his identity is unknown).

I have been one of the few tweeters who thinks that Eric is handsome. I like his swagger. I can see why Jennifer fell in love with him.

You can follow Eric Williams on Twitter at @EricWilliamsYO.

Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to interview Mr. Williams in the near future. Until then, check out his interview with the Breakfast Club.

**Hat tip to my sister-in-the-law Attorney Kristin B. Pleasant for alerting me about this story.


Sidebar: I am so glad that Season 2 of Basketball Wives is finally over. Part 2 of the Reunion episode aired last night. Suzie Ketcham, Gloria Govan and Ashley Walker joined the rest of the ladies on stage for what turned out be a very subdued exchange between the "Exiled" and "The Circle."

According to BW executive producer Shaunie O'Neal, Season 3 will air in June 2011. Darn, I wished Football Wives knew about their fate like Basketball Wives.


Tami Roman: "I F***ed Chad!"


Gabrielle Union: No Basketball Wives In Her Future





Monday, March 14, 2011


Looks like VH1's Basketball Wives star (hoochie coochie) Evenlyn Lozada has contacted TMZ to let them know that she is demanding a pay raise.

TMZ has learned “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada is giving show producers an ultimatum — either pay her $20,000 an episode … or she’s gone for good.

As we previously reported, Lozada has already threatened to leave the show -- after, we're told. she became upset because she believes the producers of the show leaked sensitive information about her to another cast member in hopes of inciting a violent confrontation between the two women.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ, Lozada and the other girls currently pull in around $7,500 an episode -- which means Lozada's latest demand would mean a SERIOUS raise. (Source)
On last night's Basketball Wives reunion episode, Royce Reed put Miss Lozada on blast about calling TMZ to let Harvey Levine, Esq. know where she will be so the paparazzi can take her picture.

I believe Royce. I believe that most of these narcissistic "Section 8" celebs leak their own naked photos and sex tapes and contact the blogs and paparazzi to remain relevant and on the minds of the general public.

Hat tip to Blacksportsonline.com for the link to this story.

Tami Roman: "I F***ed Chad!"

Yes, Roland Martin, I watched Part 1 of Vh1 Basketball Wives Reunion, which aired last night.

The reunion show was sort of flat. But the funniest part was when Tammi Roman told Evelyn Lozada that she "f***ed" her so-called future husband, Cincinnati Bengals Chad Ochocinco.

During the season finale, Evelyn admitted to Tami that she had sex with Tami's ex-husband Kenny Anderson while the pair was married. Then Evelyn kindly told Tami that she is a non mutha f**** factor, b****. Blank stare. Of course, Tami gave Evelyn the well deserved mush to her face.

I must admit that the look on Evelyn's face was worth watching the "trashy" reunion show.

Part 2 of the reunion airs tonight at 8 pm on VH1.



Gabrielle Union: No Basketball Wives In Her Future





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